Spirit 1:
An Introduction to Pragmatic Spirituality

The Sacred Mountains

There is a range of mountains known as The Sacred Mountains. There are many summits in these Mountains. Some soar toward the sky, calling to us, inviting and challenging us to ascend as far as we can, farther than we dare. These mountains are known by names such as Truth, Purpose, Transcendence, or others that draw from us a deep “Yes!” when we think of going up.

In the Spirit courses I will show and guide you to the top of some of the highest peaks in the Sacred Mountains, where Eternity can be glimpsed and Purpose can be found in its highest form.

I will also show you how to bring Spirit into your life – the pragmatic and purposeful things that make a spiritual path alive every day.

The Spirit program integrates traditional Native North American shamanism and energy healing with modern shamanic understandings, the work of Michael Newton and the realm of souls, and Ken Wilber’s model of growing up/waking up/cleaning up/showing up. All of them in integrate aspects of the universal truths.

This program is for you if you

  • Have experienced times of elevated consciousness of indescribable beauty, expansion, and power, and you want more of that
  • Are conscious of something beyond the physical but don’t have a framework within which to understand and work with it
  • Feel curiosity and openness
  • Want to expand your knowledge and competence/power in working with energy. You have training in energy work such as Reiki, various forms of meditation, healing touch, or other modalities, yet you have a sense that there is more to know and more power and skill to be learned and applied
  • Enjoy a strong connection with nature and want to deepen that relationship
  • Want to connect with other people who understand
  • Want to bring your gifts to the world

What you will take away from this weekend

  • Meditative techniques to enter expanded consciousness quickly and reliably, with direct personal experience of the realms of spiritual consciousness
  • Techniques for extending physical awareness to connect with Nature in a way you may not have thought possible – physically and spiritually, in community with all of life
  • A powerful technique for using energy for healing
  • An overview of a beautiful, powerful, and inclusive cosmology, including your own place of safety and beauty in the spiritual world
  • Ceremonies for daily practice to reinforce the learning and solidify your progress
  • Homework to continue your growth

Logistics and Details
Dates: April 27 and 28, 2019
Time: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Location: Cordova Bay Seniors Centre in Victoria, BC
Cost: $195 (no tax)
Other information:
Parking at the location is free and plentiful.
Please bring your food. There is also a café nearby, at Mattick’s Farm. At this point we do not have access to the kitchen in the Seniors Centre.
There are hotels in the area for visitors. Please use the Contact form if you need further information.

Register for Spirit 1

This is a beginning. Advanced courses will explore

  • Deepening the primary connections between you and your own self, and you and the natural world
  • Advanced healing techniques
  • Applications of spiritual and energetic healing techniques
  • Extending your spiritual connections and experience
  • The reality of your immortal and loving soul
  • Your soul’s vocation and how that vocation manifests in this physical life
  • Applications of shamanic travel
  • The option of experiencing your personal journey to the realm of souls to meet your Guide and learn your soul’s purpose
  • Strengthening your understanding and connection with the power of ritual and ceremony
  • Spiritual leadership in human connection and community
  • Manifesting your power and love in this world in ways that are in harmony with your own essence.

Spirit 2 – Higher Awareness, Deeper Power

Logistics and Details
Dates: September 28 and 29, 2019
Time: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Location: Victoria, BC – details to be confirmed
Cost: $195 (no tax)