Coaching and Mentoring
for Life, Work, and Meaning

There’s a change to be made in your life.
A big transition to be moved through.
A step up to be dared.
A vision to be explored.

My intention for you:
That your life is guided by meaning and purpose.
That you engage with the world with clarity and confidence.
That you experience success and fulfillment in your work.
That you find satisfaction and joy in your relationships.

In coaching we are partners, collaborating in describing and creating the life you desire, the contribution you want to make, the relationships you wish to have. I believe that you are inventive and resourceful, that you are not broken and don’t need to be fixed.

We will apply a structured process of powerful questions and deep explorations to open possibilities for the changes you desire. You will define new futures and generate new opportunities and means to create your future. You will learn to make the choices needed to move your life forward with clarity and confidence.

My approach to mentoring and coaching is an excellent choice for you if you want to grow and expand beyond your current understanding and capabilities in your spiritual life, personal growth and development, entrepreneurship and business, retirement or other big transitions – or any combination of these.

The application of this process to all of the dimensions of our being – mind, heart, body and spirit – makes this work transpersonal.

Coaching for Business Leadership and Success

• What are my next steps as a professional and a leader? 
• How can I take my company to the next level? 

I bring to this aspect of my coaching thirty years of experience as a business professional and consultant to government, not-for-profits, and small business. I have worked in engineering, science and human resource management. I work with professionals and business owners to help you with all aspects of your business life.

Guide, Coach, and Mentor for Men

• What does it mean to be an authentic man in today’s world?
• ​How do I manifest my best self as a man?

In a world where too many men are confused about what it means to be a genuine and good man, I have explored the journey to my authentic self as a man for most of my years. I welcome opportunities to work with other men, bringing to bear not only my own journey of self-discovery and healing, but also my experience with the ancient skills of tracking, survival, and stone-tool-age living and the ceremonies and cultural wisdom of those ways.

Spiritual Teacher, Coach, and Mentor

• How do I develop my spiritual self?
• How can I expand my spiritual awareness, power, and wisdom?

In times past, loving Elders would work to bring all people in the community to a real, powerful, and fully integrated relationship with the powers of the worlds beyond the physical. I have been blessed with a connection and consciousness in these worlds as well as many beautiful and powerful teachers, and I am inspired to share this with people of all backgrounds who hunger for experience and expression of this dimension of our humanness.
Spiritual coaching is a one-to-one relationship much like what Elders once provided, aided by modern technology and enriched by your own needs, intentions, and aspirations.

Mentor and Coach for the Chronologically Gifted

If you are 65 years old, your life expectancy is twenty years. You have a 25% chance of living past the age of 90! I invite you to honour that time with freedom, purpose, contribution, and fulfillment.

• Now that I’m retired, what do I do with my life?
• How can I create for myself a life where I can go to the next level?
• How do I give back?

Big life and career transitions are the perfect time to begin to create the life you’ve always dreamed of. This is the time to take on a new path with confidence and courage.

Mentor and Coach for Young People
 – usually a bit older than this!

• How can I create for myself a fulfilling and joyful life?
• How do I move to the next level of abundance and making a difference? 
• What is my life about?

I have been blessed to work with many young people, enjoying their beautiful energy and offering in return ceremony, guidance, or teachings. With some, I have entered into a special relationship where we call each other Grandfather and Granddaughter or Grandson, or Uncle and Niece or Nephew. In my work of mentoring and coaching, I bring the gifts and experience of my years as well as the gifts of being allowed into the stories of young people who must navigate the modern world. 

My Credentials

I have been involved in life coaching and mentoring for over 20 years. I integrate my experience in business, government, postsecondary teaching, and the paths of spiritual growth and community regeneration in my work as a mentor and coach.

I am certified as an Integral Associate Coach®. I am continuously learning and upgrading my skills and understanding as a Coach.

I bring 20 years of experience in human resource management, training, and strategic planning as a professional and a consultant. As a consultant, I applied my educational background in sciences to work with companies involved in light manufacturing, technology, technical services, and science/engineering.

I am acknowledged as a storyteller and leader of ceremony, and as an elder who demonstrates the qualities of patience, wisdom, compassion, and understanding. I have studied the ways of building community and mentoring young people practiced for thousands of years by indigenous people around the world.

I have a B.Sc. in Chemistry/Mathematics, a B.A. in English Literature, a Master’s degree in Biochemistry and a Master’s degree in Public Administration. 
I have taught business communication, statistics, and human resource management at the University of Victoria and North Island College.

How It Works

The first step is often a brief consultation. I invite you to contact me for a half-hour complimentary talk.
I will ask you to do some preparatory work prior to this meeting. During the conversation you can share your current situation in complete confidence so we can explore working in partnership.  You’ll learn how coaching works and get a sense of my approach. We will learn a bit about each other and we can decide whether we will begin a coaching relationship.

Contact Me

The Process

A coaching program typically involves a conversation of an hour every one or two weeks.  Sessions are conducted over the phone, by video conference, or in person. During our coaching conversations, we develop practices that you work on between sessions. These practices are designed to move you forward toward a new understanding, a new way of being, or a goal.  The practices are varied and creative, depending on the nature of our program and relevance to your goals. 

The duration of coaching projects depends to a large degree on the nature and magnitude of your goals.  It’s a good idea to allow three months for a coaching project, with the understanding that you can end the coaching earlier in appropriate circumstances.

What We Bring, What We Do

What I bring
• My experience as a manager and consultant in the business world, a teacher, a spiritual leader, a long-time coach and mentor of people of all ages, a mate and father, and my experience with the gifts and teachings of the natural world and peoples who have lived close to that world.
• The gratitude, experience, wisdom, tools, stories, and desire to contribute that I have acquired in my journey.
• Confidence in myself, and faith in you and your innate wisdom. I think of you in terms of your potential, not your performance.
• My desire that you have a life of fulfillment, joy, connection, abundance, and contribution.
• My willingness and wish to be your Elder, your mentor, your guide, your coach. I won’t be your mother, your father, your therapist, or your manager. ​
• A nonjudgmental ear and a safe space for you to be honest with yourself and honour who you are and who you are becoming.

What I ask of you
• Your commitment to do the work.
• Willingness to be coachable.
• Willingness to show up and to be as honest as you can.
• Willingness to explore both the dark and the amazing light to be found beyond the dark.​

What we will do together
• We will create a container in which you will be safe for you to express your thoughts, feelings, hopes, and fears. I will do my best to hear what is being said and what is not being said.
• I will help you identify and express what you want in life, or work, or relationships; we will collaborate in developing a course of action to attain what you want, and I will hold you gently accountable for doing your part to reach your goals. My skill, my role, is in helping you uncover and shine light on what you really want, “What makes you breathe.”
• I will help you to understand and address limiting perspectives, beliefs, and stories, and how those may be holding you back; I will help get you unstuck.
• We focus on your present reality and your desired future. We recognize and acknowledge the impact and influence of your history, and we look back in order to bring forward the lessons and wisdom you have acquired. If healing of limiting thought patterns or previous trauma is needed, we may need to move to a therapeutic mode for a time, though if the healing is extensive, we may need to modify or suspend the coaching program until those limitations have been addressed. This aspect will only be revealed as we work together, because one certainty is that we all carry marks from our life experiences!
• I will help you to be accountable to yourself as you work towards achieving a satisfying life in whatever aspects are important to you.
• We will explore, learn, and apply tools and techniques that you can take into all aspects of your life.​​

Your Investment

The investment you will make in your future through coaching begins when you decide to look into coaching for yourself. Your financial investment begins at $120 per contact hour.
This includes review of your information and our meetings, research, development of strategies, and other background work on your behalf.
Also included are short conversations between coaching sessions.

What Clients Say

“Wes, thanks for your careful listening and finding ways to guide me to my own reflection; I have a better grasp of who I am and how I may navigate my way through wide open seas. I have an appreciation of where I come from and a more clear idea of where I am bringing myself and my business and all that is dear to me. ” – J. S.

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