Spiritual Learning, Guidance, Coaching

I’m Wes Gietz.

My sacred name in the Anicinabe language is Shku-damp’seh — Dancing Fire — “Keeper of the Fire for Dancing”.

I am a spiritual teacher, guide, and coach.

My intention for you:

  • That you know your purpose and contribution in this lifetime.
  • That you experience deep alignment and connection with your own self, with the natural world, and with your human community
  • That you are able to apply concepts and tools for spiritual growth and power in your daily life.

  • The Challenge and the Opportunity

    Many of my students have had challenges or struggles that are similar to my own. Perhaps you too can say “Yes!” to these ideas:

  • You have had a spiritual experience of something beautiful and powerful but without a way to maintain contact with it, and no framework that helps you to understand it.
  • You have felt alone, with no one to talk to, yet wanting to connect with people who will understand.
  • Curiosity and openness. You may have experience with spirituality or energy work such as Reiki, various forms of meditation, healing touch, EFT, or other modalities, and you have a strong sense that there is much more to know.
  • A desire to expand your knowledge and competence in spiritual and energetic realms.

  • The Learning

    Many teachers have spoken of the need for health and authenticity our relationships with our own self (physical and spiritual), with nature around us, and with our human community. The intention of my teaching is to provide a philosophy, models, and techniques to help students move to a higher level of consciousness and competence in all of these dimensions. This enables us to contribute to all of humanity through being actively engaged, by healing or teaching, or simply through being what we are: “A rising tide lifts all ships.”


    Explore and develop spiritual power with each of the nonphysical types of energy.
    Explore the realms beyond the physical; communicate with souls and spirits.
    Discover and explore a place of personal power, safety, and rejuvenation.
    Learn healing techniques for self, others, and the world.


    Connect physically and spiritually with the natural world.
    Communicate with plants, animals, and other beings in the realm of spirit.


    Practices for “Coming together to be together”, to be with other people in unhurried, healthy ways.
    Understand and practice ceremonies for yourself and with others.
    Learn and bring into your life models and practices to be together in a healthy, self-regenerating community.

    “Pragmatic Spirituality” — a Self-Study Online Course

    Intentions for the Course

    • To teach a powerful path of shamanism that is relevant in the modern world.
    • To bring students to a place of competence in their connection with and abilities in the spiritual realms.
    • To help students be connected with their own bodies and hearts, with the natural world, and with other people.

    Course Summary

    This Self-Study course in Pragmatic Spirituality contains 5 modules. At intervals of two weeks you will receive the content of one of the progressive units of learning with a combination of audio, video and written guidance. The course will provide you with food for thought and practices to enhance your spiritual awareness and power, your connection with nature, and your daily life.

    1. Tools of the Trade (in keeping with the idea of Pragmatic Spirituality!)
    2. The Consciousness of Spirit
    3. Ceremony and Practice
    4. Connecting with the Other-Than-Human World
    5. Using Healing Energy

    Please be aware that this is an in-depth exploration and a path to a new way of life and awareness. The work required is not trivial and the rewards are profound.

    Cost: $75. The first Unit will be sent to you when payment is received.

    Pragmatic Spirituality is available throughout the year and you may register at any time. If you’d like to register now, use the Register button below.

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    Individual Spiritual Coaching and Guidance

    In your Spiritual Coaching program you are coached on your spiritual path in an individualized program designed to meet your aspirations and needs.

    This program provides guidance in a fashion similar to the ways in which ancient cultures would mentor learners according to the gifts and guidance of each learner, augmented in modern culture by use of sophisticated technology and understandings of the mind, physics, and the spiritual realms.

    Does this call to you?
    Contact me for a half-hour complimentary chat using the button below.
    I will ask you to do some preparatory work prior to this conversation. During the conversation you can share your current situation and we can explore working in partnership. You’ll learn how coaching works and get a sense of my approach. We will learn a bit about each other and we can decide whether to begin a coaching relationship.

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