The Journey of Your Soul

This may be the most profound journey you will make in this life.

What Is the Realm of Souls?
All of us are a wonderful fusion of an immortal soul and an amazing three-dimensional physical being. The physical part of us returns to the earth when it dies. Our soul returns to the Realm of Souls, where it is welcomed, counseled, and loved beyond measure.
In the Realm of Souls there are no limitations of time or space, no urgency, no negative emotion, no painful history. There is learning, acceptance, patience, wisdom, encouragement, joy and truly unconditional love.

Your Guided Journey to the Realm of Souls

This Journey takes place in two sessions. The first session is a Past Life Regression, where you experience a significant previous life in a different body.
In the second session, the Journey of Your Soul, you pass through your most immediate past life to discover the awe-inspiring beauty, love, and power of the Realm of Souls.

Rewards of this Journey
    The following are some possible experiences you may have on your first journey to the Realm of Souls. Not everyone encounters all of these; there may be more important things to do there that you will be guided to.

  • Experience an environment of absolute and unconditional love
  • Meet your Guide and your soul family, and know who those souls are in this lifetime
  • Meet your primary soul mate
  • Meet your council of wise and loving elders
  • Discover why you chose your body, your family and the circumstances of this lifetime
  • Know what you are here to do, both for your soul’s growth and for this beautiful planet.
“Did I really choose this Life?”

If you feel resistance to the idea that you chose your family and your circumstances, you’re in good company. It was only when I made the journey into the realm of souls for myself that I came to understand that the lessons I came here to learn are more important to the growth of my soul than I could comprehend from a purely human point of view.

Since that first time, I have made the journey on my own many times. The most profound aspect of every one of these journeys has been that in that realm an inexpressibly beautiful and powerful love infuses every moment and every interaction.

Us and Our Children

I invite you to recognize that the souls that are in your children came together with your soul before you came into this life. You chose them to be your children, and they chose you to be their parents.
With this understanding, no parent and no child can possibly be unwanted.

The Process
    1. Before we meet, I will ask you to complete an information form that will help me to design the session so I can be responsive to what you describe and remind you of questions you wish to ask.
    2. There are two sessions. In the first meeting, you will be guided to move into a deep meditative state. Then, you directly experience and explore a previous significant lifetime, in a different body, time, place, and circumstances. The duration of this first session is usually one-and-a-half to three hours.
    3. In the second meeting we proceed with the journey into the realm of souls. At this point, the Journey of Your Soul is only done in person. As a consequence, we would need to take appropriate physical precautions while COVID is a factor.
      In the Journey of Your Soul, you will experience some of the rewards mentioned above. I help you to explore the Realm of Souls, sometimes following and sometimes guiding you. I will help you to ask the questions you prepared beforehand. This journey usually lasts two to four hours.
    4. After both sessions, we will take time to debrief the session and explore your discoveries and the lessons and questions arising from the experience.
    5. I will provide you with an audio recording of both sessions.

An Important Resource

Have you read my book Born Whole? Your journey in the womb is intimately connected with the journey of your soul. In Born Whole I devote an important section to this connection and its significance for who you are.

(Click here if you haven’t read the book to see a description and get your copy.)


Phase 1 – Past Life Regression: $195 CAD. Includes an audio recording of the session. It is possible to book only for the Past Life Regression, and decide later whether to continue with the Journey of Your Soul.

Phase 2 – The Journey of Your Soul: $295 CAD. Includes an audio recording of the session.

Book Your Journey

The Past Life Regression can be done online. At this point, the Journey of Your Soul is done only in person as I explore ways to maintain strong communication and appropriate safety within the container of current technology. I am located in Victoria, BC, Canada.

I invite you to call me at +1-250-507-4450 or contact me to discuss your past life regression or soul journey or make a booking. This will be a no-charge 15-minute conversation to answer your questions and help you get to know me.

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What Students Say

“There are a lot of teachers and healers out there, all with something of their own to offer. What makes Wes stand out is his innate and intuitive ability to create and hold space for you to go deep into your healing work. I have had the opportunity to know and work with Wes throughout the last 20 years and have rarely felt as safe, heard and understood as I have with him. This has allowed me to do some deep work on trauma in a way that was gentle and easy. His varied experience with many traditions combined with his ability to create his own, makes him a wise and gentle, yet powerful mentor/healer/teacher/guide. His authenticity, generosity, and sincere and open hearted approach to helping others is a rarity that I feel lucky to know is out in the world. I would recommend working with him in a heartbeat and fully trust in his ability to meet you exactly where you are at, guiding you gently into helping you on your own healing journey.”
– Virginia Anderson