About Wes Gietz

Hi, I’m Wes Gietz.

More than anything else, I am a teacher/mentor/guide. A teacher of spirituality and awakening, a guide of life advancement through coaching, a mentor of elderhood in a challenging society, and a guide to wellness through working as a healer.

I will always also be a student, learning about this amazing universe and my place in it.

In my academic life I earned Bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry and English Literature and Master’s degrees in Biochemistry and Public Administration. As a professional and a consultant, I have nearly 30 years of experience in training, strategic planning, and human resource management. I have taught at the University of Victoria and North Island College. I am qualified as an Integral Associate Coach®.

I have studied and practiced natural skills and beliefs for over fifty years, with pauses as required by the necessities of love and life. My teachers include Tom Brown Jr. and Native teachers, with whom I learned the skills of survival and living, awareness, and philosophy, the ceremonies of daily life, and the ceremonies and responsibilities of the sweatlodge. I honour these ways by teaching and keeping them for the generations yet to be born.

Wes Gietz from Windwalker.ca

I am acknowledged as a storyteller, a leader of ceremony, an elder, and as a man who demonstrates the qualities of patience, wisdom, compassion, and understanding.

I have applied and taught Emotional Freedom Techniques for over twenty years. EFT has been a powerful part of my healing journey as well as something I am privileged to offer to the world. My personal healing has included several years in 12-step programs as well as sweatlodges and many other ceremonies.

I studied Coyote Mentoring with Jon Young and Wilderness Awareness School. I have also studied the teachings of David R. Hawkins, Michael Newton, and Ken Wilber, and I incorporate their truths into my own work.

I have done my own Vision Quests four times, and guided Rites of Passage for individuals and groups for 20 years, including the 24-hour Solo and the four-day Vision Quest. I have taught a nature-based path of spiritual awakening and power since 1994. In 1999 I initiated the Firemaker Primitive Skills Gathering, an annual week-long learning and celebration of ancient skills and community held on Vancouver Island.

I have published numerous articles in journals and newsletters on topics such as edible and medicinal plants, spirituality, healing, tracking, and Coyote Mentoring, and am contributing author of Peak States of Consciousness, Volume 2: Acquiring Extraordinary Spiritual and Shamanic States (Grant McFetridge with Wes Gietz).

I am bilingual (English and slightly rusty French), and am learning Spanish. I have two children and three grandboys.

I acknowledge with particular gratitude and recognition Tom Brown Jr. for carrying and passing on the teachings of his lineage; Bedai for his guidance and teaching; Gary Craig for developing and making EFT available to the world; Jon Young for bringing together and making accessible teachings and tools for reconnecting with the natural world and with ourselves; and David R. Hawkins, Michael Newton, and Ken Wilber for illuminating and enriching my path.
~ Wes Gietz – Shku-damp’seh ~