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A New Need, a New Opportunity

We live in a world that is fascinated with technology. We appreciate the benefits of our accomplishments in electronics, communications, travel, entertainment, medicine, and many other areas. At the same time, and even more importantly for our future, we are advancing in our understanding of our emotional nature, our spiritual aspect, and our relationships. We are continuously developing our awareness of both ancient and new ways to learn, heal, and grow.

Today, there is a wide range of energetic and spiritual techniques available to heal physical trauma, negative beliefs, and emotional issues. These techniques can reach into and heal the pain of almost every moment of our lives, whether the painful times are from today or from our earliest years. We can also revisit and heal trauma from past lives or pain carried from our ancestors. Through deep meditation or hypnotherapy, we are able to identify and heal issues and wounds that have lodged in our bodies and hearts from yesterday and from generations ago.

But there is a vitally important segment of our lives that has remained almost out of reach for healing, and that has only recently been recognized as important. That is the time before we were born, beginning with the creation of egg and sperm cells; the time of conception, implantation and gestation; and up to the time of labor and birth.

In studies of emotional and psychological health, researchers have found clear evidence that babies are profoundly affected by their experiences in the womb, and that the effects of these experiences remain after birth.[i]

Why have we not given more attention to this important time?

There are two reasons.

First, Western society has believed that stresses or traumas we encounter before birth have no lasting effect. Fortunately, this belief is dissipating. Sophisticated techniques for observing babies in the womb have shown that they are affected by what happens to them and around them. These effects can be both positive and negative. Among healers, there are many stories of adult clients who can recall pre-birth trauma. Even more significantly, healing prenatal trauma results in definite improvements in the current lives of the clients. I have seen this in my own practice.

Second, it can be a challenge to recognize and address trauma that occurs before birth. Can we know what the yet-to-be-born baby is aware of? If it is aware of itself and its environment, how do we achieve healing when needed?

This book provides answers to these questions.

A Unique and Universal Story

The foundation of this book is the story of my journey from conception to birth. It is the story of a wonderful adventure in becoming.

This journey is one we all have taken, and therefore, this is also the story of every one of us. We have all experienced the marvels and the stresses of conception, implantation in the wall of our mother’s womb, gestation, and birth.

Even though the story belongs to all, it is unique for each. My mother’s experience included love, joy, worry, work, movement, food, and the other emotional and physical aspects of life. In many respects, her life during this time (and mine while I was in her womb) will have much in common with the life of your mother (and you). So while our individual lives in the womb are as unique to each of us as were the lives of our mothers, you will probably find echoes of my story in your experience.

It has taken me twenty years to understand that this story deserves to be told. I needed to appreciate how powerful this healing was for me, and I needed to understand its impact on my life. The experiences described here have enriched my life immensely, and I realized it could enrich others’ lives too. I comprehend in a new way what a miracle it is to be born, what a miracle it is simply to exist. I see how strong and resilient human life is. I know from direct experience how liberating it is to experience the healing of emotional wounds and limiting beliefs that were embedded in my being before I was born.

Through exploring my personal narrative, I also found deeper and more universal implications in the story. Those deeper meanings are what make this book important.

First, when we heal the issues, challenges, and traumas of the time before we are born, we become healthier and more complete now. This is true regardless of where we are in life. Our quality of life is better because we are no longer driven by the emotional residue of those pre-birth experiences. We are more open, emotionally and spiritually, to our own evolution. We pass on less pain to our children because our own healing is more complete.

The second, and perhaps even more significant realization, is that we can accompany our children on their journey to birth. We can communicate with them, guide and comfort them through difficult times, and let them know that they are already loved. We can tell them that they are needed and welcome in this world.

Retroactively for ourselves, and proactively for our children, we can be born whole.


[i] William R. Emerson, “The Vulnerable Prenante,” Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health 10, no. 3 (March 19, 1996). An excellent summary of this article and a list of reference works is provided by Peter K. Gerlach at; Peter W. Nathanielsz, Life in the Womb: The Origin of Health and Disease (Ithaca, NY: Promethean Press, 1999).

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