Born Whole post #14 – Chapter 8: Conclusion

As we have seen, there is potential for stress, trauma, and injury to our yet-to-be-born selves. But we can use powerful techniques to reveal and heal the traumatic aspects of that experience.

Healing is available to every parent and every child. We do not need to carry pain, guilt, shame, loneliness, or any other negative residue (the list is long) from our parents’ experiences or our own.

I have seen the power of this healing for myself and my clients. Other researchers, parents, therapists, and witnesses also have stories about the benefits of pre-birth healing.

We don’t have to wait for a whole new generation before we can see the impact of this healing. We can heal our own pain from before birth, and we can feel different today. In so doing we become instruments of the healing and evolution of all of human life, and through that, all life on this beautiful planet.

It is our birthright to be whole. One time as we were preparing to enter a sweatlodge ceremony, my Anicinabe teacher said, as though stating an obvious truth, “The Creator intended for us to have good lives.”

The time to do your healing is now. It is never too late. The only need is willingness to pursue your own healing. This willingness arises effortlessly when you believe in your right to have a good life.

We can also apply these techniques for those yet to be born. We can interact with our children through their earliest moments, days, and months, and be present with them in beautiful and supportive ways, helping them to heal as needed and guiding them through the journey of life before birth.

These practices have the potential to give us children who are born emotionally and psychologically healthy. They will arrive in the world unencumbered by the stressful events and environmental challenges of the womb. From the beginning they will know the world as a beautiful, supportive, healthy community. They will be with each other and this entire world in an atmosphere of mutual love and respect.

They will be born whole.

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