Born Whole post #2: Preface, segment 2 of 2

The Backdrop: My Beliefs

As you reflect on what you read, I hope you will see how you can use what is offered in this book. Some of this may seem strange, even unbelievable, but all of it is what I have experienced.

I grew up in a strongly religious environment. Perhaps the greatest gift from that early experience was that I understood the concept of spiritual beings. In my Christian family, these were presented as God, the Holy Spirit, and angels. I recall being entranced and mystified by stories in the Bible that were very different from my everyday experience: burning bushes that were not consumed, haloes of light appearing around people as they experienced the Holy Spirit, angels announcing the birth of Jesus, and the resurrection. These were magical events, and they seemed impossible in the modern world.

Later in life, I sought training in shamanic philosophy and techniques. It was on this path that I began to have personal experience of the power described in the biblical stories. It is not necessary for you to believe the same in order to appreciate and apply what you will find here. If my beliefs are outside your understanding of the world, take what works for you and leave the rest. The need for healing is more pressing in this world than the need to agree on philosophical details.

I have found several principles to be true through my studies and my personal experience:

  • We are capable of entering altered states of consciousness through deep meditation or hypnosis. In these states we can perceive, communicate, and move unhampered by the limitations of three-dimensional physical reality. For example, we can move our consciousness to other physical locations and see our surroundings there with spiritual vision. You may have heard this referred to as remote viewing or clairvoyance.
  • We can communicate spiritually or energetically with other physical beings, both human and nonhuman. We can do this close by or at great distances.
  • In deep meditation, we can enter nonphysical dimensions and interact with entities or spirits who do not have physical bodies.
  • Angels surround us. I call them angels because the beings I have met in other dimensions or realities are fundamentally loving. They are actively interested in our well-being. We can communicate directly with these nonphysical entities.
  • We can use nonphysical energy for healing. We can do this by ourselves or in concert with spiritual beings.
  • As humans, each of us is a melding of a soul and a human body/ego. Our souls incarnate many times. When we incarnate, we choose our lives, our companions, and our circumstances. Within the framework of these “start-up” choices, we have free will.
  • Life is to be lived with joy and purpose. For many of us, this will not be easy because of the lives we chose for ourselves as we prepared to incarnate.

The relevance and implications of these experiences, abilities, and understandings will be explored as we go through the narrative and lessons of this book.

Posted April 18, 2021

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