Born Whole post #14 – Chapter 8: Conclusion

As we have seen, there is potential for stress, trauma, and injury to our yet-to-be-born selves. But we can use powerful techniques to reveal and heal the traumatic aspects of that experience. Healing is available to every parent and every child. We do not need to carry pain, guilt, shame, loneliness, or any other negative residue (the list is long) … Read More

Born Whole post #12: Chapter 6 – Energetic and Spiritual Healing

Chapter 6: A Method for Energetic and Spiritual Healing This chapter describes the concept of meridian therapies, particularly EFT, for healing emotional and physical issues, including ones form before we were born. It discusses factors that can complicate the process. _____ The healing techniques known as meridian therapies have their origins in traditional Chinese medicine. As most people are now … Read More

Born Whole post #9: Chapters 2 – Implantation and 3 – Labour

Chapter 2: Implantation in the Uterine Wall This chapter is a discussion of my experience with another significant developmental event: implantation as an embryo in the wall of my mother’s uterus. _____ The first few phases of cell division from fertilized egg to blastocyst, and the event of implantation in the wall of my mother’s uterus, were unremarkable by comparison … Read More

Born Whole post #8: Chapter 1 – The Journey to Conception

PART 2:  THREE UNIVERSAL DEVELOPMENTAL EVENTS Chapter 1: Conception Chapter 1 is about how we get started: the journeys of egg and sperm cells from their creation to the moment of conception, including some of the difficult or traumatic aspects of those journeys and how those issues were healed. I also describe what this journey was like for me. _____ … Read More

Born Whole post #7: Introduction, segment 5 of 5

An Introduction to Brainwaves[i] This is a brief overview of the five bands of electromagnetic waves generated by human brains. I offer this material so you will recognize the terms when they appear later in the book. In general, the slower brain waves are associated with deeper meditative states. Gamma – 38 Hz (cycles per second) and higher Gamma waves, … Read More

Born Whole post #6: Introduction, segment 4 of 5

Guinea Pig Number 2 I met Dr. Grant McFetridge in the late 1990s. He had invited me three times to a course on a recently developed healing modality called Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT, also known as Tapping. EFT is discussed in detail in chapter 6. I declined his first two invitations, but after the third (three is my command … Read More

Born Whole post #5: Introduction, segment 3 of 5

The Arc of My Journey No doubt you have heard or read stories about people born with the gift of clear and strong spiritual awareness. That was not me. When I was thirteen, I had my first powerful spiritual experience in nature. I was alone in a canoe, fishing on a lake I knew well in the northwest corner of … Read More