Born Whole post #18 – How you can work with me

Healing work: EFT and energetic/shamanic work for pre-birth or other life issues – A private session in person, on the phone, or online to heal your own pre-birth (or past life, or current life)  traumas and issues one on one, in privacy and full confidentiality. Training in Spiritual and Shamanic awareness, expansion, and power –  Two introductory online workshops where … Read More

Born Whole post #17 – Appendix 3: The Beginnings of Physical Existence

Later in the research, Grant and I decided to take another journey. This was a side trip from our initial pre-conception-to-birth itinerary. We would begin again at the point when the Chosen One among the eggs was about to be released from the ovary. However, this time we would move not forward but backward in time. Our goal was to … Read More

Born Whole post #16 – Appendix 2: Four Days Without Water

This is the story of a powerful experience of solitude in nature, and some of the lessons I learned in that time and place. André looked at me and said, “What are you taking with you?” “Sleeping bag, underpad, tarp and ropes in case it rains, my ceremonial materials, and some water.” “No, you’re not.” “Huh? Not what?” “No water.” … Read More

Born Whole post #15 – Appendix 1: A Life-Changing Vision

This is the story of an experience I had several years before I met Grant McFetridge. The vision I was given that night put me on the path that prepared me to work with him. I emerged from the darkness and heat of the sweatlodge, “the womb of our mother, the Earth,” into a moonlit night in July. For a … Read More

Born Whole post #14 – Chapter 8: Conclusion

As we have seen, there is potential for stress, trauma, and injury to our yet-to-be-born selves. But we can use powerful techniques to reveal and heal the traumatic aspects of that experience. Healing is available to every parent and every child. We do not need to carry pain, guilt, shame, loneliness, or any other negative residue (the list is long) … Read More

Born Whole post #12: Chapter 6 – Energetic and Spiritual Healing

Chapter 6: A Method for Energetic and Spiritual Healing This chapter describes the concept of meridian therapies, particularly EFT, for healing emotional and physical issues, including ones form before we were born. It discusses factors that can complicate the process. _____ The healing techniques known as meridian therapies have their origins in traditional Chinese medicine. As most people are now … Read More

Born Whole post #9: Chapters 2 – Implantation and 3 – Labour

Chapter 2: Implantation in the Uterine Wall This chapter is a discussion of my experience with another significant developmental event: implantation as an embryo in the wall of my mother’s uterus. _____ The first few phases of cell division from fertilized egg to blastocyst, and the event of implantation in the wall of my mother’s uterus, were unremarkable by comparison … Read More