Don’t Be Stressed, Be Blessed

We are all loved, small as we are. That love comes unconditionally and generously from Source, God, the Mystery, the Creator, Universe, or whatever other word you have for that power you understand to be all around, out of sight. A short time ago, I was speaking with a group of people who were preparing to undertake a Vision Quest, … Read More

Shamanism and the Drum Dance

My practice of shamanism is a path of connection both with the physical aspects of nature and with the unseen and unmeasurable spirits and energies of nature. My first steps on this path were about engaging with the physical world at the level of warm blood and green leaves, hard rocks and soft breezes. In the beginning this aspect felt … Read More

Beyond Affirmations: “What might it be like…?”

“I attract abundance and wealth.” “I have only positive feelings toward my brother.” “The world is a loving and generous place.” In a world where we’re bombarded with messages about our inadequacy, affirmations can feel like a breath of fresh air.  The positive images provide something to which we can aspire when we’re stuck in negative thinking or ways of … Read More

I have a son

I have a son. I’ve never played catch with him. I didn’t help him learn to ride a bicycle. I’ve never taken him fishing. I’ve never gotten on his case about getting better grades in school, or showed him how to change a tire, or talked to him about what it means to be a man. When he was just … Read More

Courage, leadership, commitment

Courage, leadership, and commitment. Three ideas that are sometimes difficult for me. Now and then I experience a pure and beautiful form of courage. That’s when I post stories like the one titled, ”I have a son.” Much of the time, though, I don’t feel courageous at all. I allow my fear of rejection, ridicule, or (worst of all) no … Read More

In Over Our Heads

We’re all in over our heads. Covid is a truly global pandemic, a completely new circumstance for humanity. It’s also an unprecedented opportunity to make decisions about the water we’re in more consciously than ever before. So let’s not think of drowning. Instead, let’s dive deep and really look into the water, to see what only becomes visible when we’re over … Read More

A Miracle with Emotional Freedom Techniques

An Amazing Healing of Endometriosis It was the first morning of a large outdoor event that Virginia and I had helped bring together. She asked me for an EFT treatment for menstrual cramps, saying that she didn’t want to become bedridden and unable to participate. As she expressed it to me, the cramping was so severe and the onset so … Read More

My Surgical Experience

Three years ago I had surgery on my abdomen. The operation was a success, and the patient didn’t die. This post has little to do with the surgery and a lot to do with people. I had decided in the week before the surgery that I would connect with a group I know through my teaching of spirituality and the … Read More