An Elder teacher said, “The Creator intended for us to have good lives.” This Category is about creating that good life through healing and maturing. Cleaning Up and Growing Up, to use Ken Wilber’s language. It’s about grief work: healing our emotional wounds and the physical pain and disease they cause; addressing and moving past our limitations, facing and changing … Read More

A Miracle with Emotional Freedom Techniques

An Amazing Healing of Endometriosis It was the first morning of a large outdoor event that Virginia and I had helped bring together. She asked me for an EFT treatment for menstrual cramps, saying that she didn’t want to become bedridden and unable to participate. As she expressed it to me, the cramping was so severe and the onset so … Read More

My Surgical Experience

Three years ago I had surgery on my abdomen. The operation was a success, and the patient didn’t die. This post has little to do with the surgery and a lot to do with people. I had decided in the week before the surgery that I would connect with a group I know through my teaching of spirituality and the … Read More