I love Nature, but humans…? – not so much

Not long ago I listened to a young person talk for a time, then commented, “It sounds like you love nature and hate people.”  She responded with a simple, firm, “Yes.” This young person is not alone in her feelings. Perhaps you too (almost certainly you too!) have had such feelings. Take your grief (anything that is not peace is … Read More

Take the Steps You Can See

I was a free range kid. When I was four years old, my father bought a piece of raw land on a small wild lake in Ontario. To my young eyes, and my young feet, it was a long way from the end of the road to that piece of land. As I helped to create a trail through the … Read More

Sensory Doorways to Nonordinary Reality, #3

Part 3:  Awakening by Altering the Movement of Time Ordinary reality is what you experience through five physical senses, limited to three dimensions, constrained by linear time. When you expand beyond any of those limitations in a conscious manner, you’re working with non-ordinary reality. You have seen in the first two of these Sensory Doorways articles that it is easy … Read More

If he can do that…

A few years ago I saw a video of a man who lived by himself on a lake in Alaska, in a cabin he had built from the trees he found there. It was small, with basic furnishings he had made and a well-designed kitchen. He had two dogs and a small herd of goats. In the opening scene he … Read More

No winter blahs!

Here we are, looking through a misty window at a combination of short days, grey skies, humidity, and what seems like a constant drip. Winter can seem like a hard time to enjoy being outside, when you’re near the Salish Sea off BC’s Wet Coast. Excuses are abundant: it’s too cold for gardening, too grey for feeling good, too wet … Read More

The most beautiful day of all time

Today is the most beautiful day of all time. Consider for a moment: Was there beauty created in the world yesterday? Is beauty being created in the world today? The answer to both of these questions is of course a resounding “Yes!” You may be thinking, “But what about all the unbeautiful things that are happening in the world? Do … Read More


My tears taste of the ocean, my breath remembers mountain winds. My bones are kin with stone and soil, my hair with grass and fern and leaf. My blood claims its ties to the sun through heat and living pulse and red.   This body came to be, has grown, will age and then, like all, will die; will rise … Read More

Don’t Leave No Trace

Remember when the phrase “Leave No Trace” was the catchphrase for any excursion into wildness? I haven’t heard that one recently. I’m glad of that, because we can’t leave no trace. We can’t “take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.” The idea of “leave no trace” assumed that all we take into nature is our physical selves. We … Read More

Ocean Sunrises

Dawn has arrived, sunrise is coming, the tide is coming in. I’ve come to the ocean to greet the new day. The water is as calm as I’ve ever seen it here. The calm comes gently into my being as well. I offer a greeting to the ocean and the land. For a time I am present to all around … Read More

Me and the Duck

Once in a while we are privileged to have an experience of connection with a wild creature that affirms our kinship and the willingness of those creatures to offer us that connection when we open ourselves to it. This story is about a connection I experienced with one of Nature’s most humble. There’s a small pond near where I live … Read More