Winter: it’s about Attitude and Clothing

It’s winter on the Wet Coast. Rain, sometimes just dull flat grey. Four months or so of sitting inside, waiting for the clouds to break, maybe seeing a big yellow bright thing in the sky for a moment or two, hurting your eyes until it disappears again. Tolerable? – Barely. Pleasant? – Naw.  Absorbing, stimulating fun? – Are you kidding? … Read More

Nicola Valley Loon

The road curved around the bases of the hills, snuggling into the ravines and bending back towards Nicola Lake as it passed around the ridges. Down the slope, between me and the open water was a swamp, a welcome home to muskrats and mink. As I came around the foot of a long ridge where the shoulder was particularly wide, … Read More

Windwalker Blog Categories

BORN WHOLE the book covers a lot of ground. I loved writing that book. It has inspired me to explore and offer new realms of healing and spiritual exploration. This Category will eventually contain all of the book, presented in digestible portions. COMING TOGETHER is about community, being human, and eldering. It begins with the understanding that we need meaningful human … Read More