A poem about healing

This poem took sixty-five years to ripen and about an hour to put on paper. The healing of my prenatal traumas and environment were an essential part of that lifelong process.


Would now that I could take in mine
the hands that left their marks
on me

or, quiet, hear anew the words
that cut my heart and left
hard scars.

If I could look into all eyes
that ever showed me
rage or hate,

just to touch
to hear
to see
and love
would for me be the greatest gift
I might this day bestow
or could this day receive.

2 Comments on “A poem about healing”

  1. Wes,
    This beautiful poem comes to me one day after I was pondering on those few people that I have not forgive for their transgressions against me, and also on those people that I feel I transgressed in some way. I have often thought of a particular workshop I did with you where you taught a particular intuitive skill. As students we were given a quick assignment to go outside and find (as I remember it) , “… a circle within a circle”. I stood out side for about thirty seconds and sent my mind/heart out and it immediately led me to a place of tall grass where I walked without hesitation, leaned down and picked up what seemed like a piece from some kind of farm equipment… it was indeed a metal circle with a circular hole in the middle. Inside myself I thought, “Wow! THAT was easy!” And ever since then it HAS been easy! Since this pandemic got going, I’ve picked up at least 75 cloth masks on the street that people have dropped. I handle them carefully, bring them home and wash them in VERY hot soapy water by hand and then put them through the laundry and a hot dryer to be re-used. And every time I find a “circle within a circle” on the street (you’d be surprised how often that happens …) I think of you and send you good wishes. (I find things all the time because I’m always scanning the environment for herbs. One day walking with a friend I started seeing money… $20 dollar bills, $10s, $5s… then my friend found a little wallet … it belonged to my NIECE who lives in the same town! Where I found all that was near a gas station and it turned out that she had stopped there to buy gas, went in to pay for it, and when she came back she put the wallet on top of the car while she got out her key to re-open the door and forgot the wallet was on top of the car. It flew off when she drove away. When I called her, she was visiting her Mum and Dad in another town nearby about a half hour away and she hadn’t even realized yet that her wallet was missing! All good wishes to you… be well, Carol

    1. Thank you for these beautiful words and your inspiring story about the money, Carol. I hold you in my heart even though we haven’t seen each other for many years, and it’s good to hear from you.

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