Born Whole post #18 – How you can work with me

  1. Healing work: EFT and energetic/shamanic work for pre-birth or other life issues

– A private session in person, on the phone, or online to heal your own pre-birth (or past life, or current life)  traumas and issues one on one, in privacy and full confidentiality.

  1. Training in Spiritual and Shamanic awareness, expansion, and power

–  Two introductory online workshops where you create a personal connection with spirit, nature, and your self. Learn to bring the power and beauty of your spiritual path into every day and every action.

–  Individual training and mentoring to further develop your own spiritual path and power. These sessions can be done online or in person with equal effectiveness.

  1. Training in communicating with your unborn child

– An intensive training workshop where you learn how to enter a meditative state and be in communication with your child on the journey of growth in the womb.

  1. Your journey to the realm of souls

– An individual guided meditation: your own journey to the realm of souls. Discover the indescribable beauty, love, and power of that realm. Meet your guide and the souls of the people who are important in your current life. Learn the purposes of your soul and your human self in this lifetime.

  1. Group training in your region (where circumstances allow)

– Arrange a group training session in your region. This can be considerably less expensive than travelling to Victoria, BC in Canada. You will work with others in your locale who are interested in this training as a group or who wish to have individual sessions.

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