A young woman saw a smiling photograph and said, “You look sad.” How did she know? I was sad so long, not knowing what I missed, until mind and ego fell away and I remembered: First in a frightening flash: a boy alone in a canoe, the bedrock calling me; The ridiculous beauty of a candy bar wrap on the … Read More

Nourishing the Garden of My Self

The soil in my vegetable garden needs time to recover between cycles of growth, to rest and regain its nutrition so new plants can grow strong and healthy. To be at its best, it needs good compost added from time to time. If I only ever extracted the nutrition by planting one crop after another, adding no compost or anything … Read More

Take the Steps You Can See

I was a free range kid. When I was four years old, my father bought a piece of raw land on a small wild lake in Ontario. To my young eyes, and my young feet, it was a long way from the end of the road to that piece of land. As I helped to create a trail through the … Read More

The Nobility in All of Us

Nobility. Not an idea you encounter much these days. In that respect it’s like concepts such as integrity, or compassion, or generosity. Not long ago I was in a meditation, a favorite form that I refer to as drifting. Passive rather than dynamic, one of allowing rather than directing my meditative experience. Toward the end of the meditation I was … Read More

The Black Dot

How do you get your life back when you look ahead and see only darkness: a problem, a challenge, or pain that dominates your attention and drains your energy? No clarity, no solution, no way out or even forward. Even when you’re not thinking about it, it’s there in the shadows, waiting for a gap in your attention so it … Read More

Sensory Doorways to Nonordinary Reality, #3

Part 3:  Awakening by Altering the Movement of Time Ordinary reality is what you experience through five physical senses, limited to three dimensions, constrained by linear time. When you expand beyond any of those limitations in a conscious manner, you’re working with non-ordinary reality. You have seen in the first two of these Sensory Doorways articles that it is easy … Read More

Sensory Doorways to Nonordinary Reality, #2

Part 2:  Awakening by (re)opening the senses Every animal has a dominant sense, a sense that has been developed to a high level in order to help it survive. Often you can identify the dominant sense just by looking at the animal. Which of its sensory organs is largest? In these exercises you use the names of animals to remind … Read More

Sensory Doorways to Nonordinary Reality, #1

Part 1:  Awakening by point focus In the next three articles I’ll describe powerful ways to expand your consciousness beyond the physical. What makes them unusual is that their starting point is the input of your physical senses. They engage the physical senses to transcend the physical senses. You might think of them as shamanic shortcuts to direct experience of … Read More

The Outer Courtyard of the Spiritual Heart

It’s where you find self-acceptance. From time to time I become aware that I am in an unloving place within myself. This shows up as judgment of others, usually of what they do or do not do. Sometimes it is about their appearance. I’m not proud of that. I don’t like to admit it. And I have learned to face … Read More

Where have all the elders gone…?

Gone to care homes, every one. When will we ever learn when will we e-ver learn? Do you have in your life someone who demonstrates any or all of the qualities named below? When I’ve worked with groups of people who are trying to become more conscious of what eldering is about, or who an elder is, these qualities are … Read More