Pass It On

What bit of real-life competency have you passed on lately? Whatever you know, give it back. If you know how to check the air pressure in a tire, show someone how to do that. If you know how to make an antivirus medicine from Oregon Grape root, take someone with you next time you go to collect the root. If … Read More

Nicola Valley Loon

The road curved around the bases of the hills, snuggling into the ravines and bending back towards Nicola Lake as it passed around the ridges. Down the slope, between me and the open water was a swamp, a welcome home to muskrats and mink. As I came around the foot of a long ridge where the shoulder was particularly wide, … Read More

Born Whole post #9: Chapters 2 – Implantation and 3 – Labour

Chapter 2: Implantation in the Uterine Wall This chapter is a discussion of my experience with another significant developmental event: implantation as an embryo in the wall of my mother’s uterus. _____ The first few phases of cell division from fertilized egg to blastocyst, and the event of implantation in the wall of my mother’s uterus, were unremarkable by comparison … Read More

Don’t Be Stressed, Be Blessed

We are all loved, small as we are. That love comes unconditionally and generously from Source, God, the Mystery, the Creator, Universe, or whatever other word you have for that power you understand to be all around, out of sight. A short time ago, I was speaking with a group of people who were preparing to undertake a Vision Quest, … Read More


How do we talk about God? (Some have already left the room.) What is Gitchi Manitou? Who is Allah? or Elohim, Brahma, Odin? Divine, The One, Source, Great Mystery, and all those other Words Are about what can be experienced not described nor adequately named. And if you try, I will just look at you and softly say, “I know”. … Read More

Shamanism and the Drum Dance

My practice of shamanism is a path of connection both with the physical aspects of nature and with the unseen and unmeasurable spirits and energies of nature. My first steps on this path were about engaging with the physical world at the level of warm blood and green leaves, hard rocks and soft breezes. In the beginning this aspect felt … Read More

Born Whole post #8: Chapter 1 – The Journey to Conception

PART 2:  THREE UNIVERSAL DEVELOPMENTAL EVENTS Chapter 1: Conception Chapter 1 is about how we get started: the journeys of egg and sperm cells from their creation to the moment of conception, including some of the difficult or traumatic aspects of those journeys and how those issues were healed. I also describe what this journey was like for me. _____ … Read More

Born Whole post #7: Introduction, segment 5 of 5

An Introduction to Brainwaves[i] This is a brief overview of the five bands of electromagnetic waves generated by human brains. I offer this material so you will recognize the terms when they appear later in the book. In general, the slower brain waves are associated with deeper meditative states. Gamma – 38 Hz (cycles per second) and higher Gamma waves, … Read More