“Make the most of this one life” they say. “You only live once” they parrot, unthinkingly. Do not despair. Do not believe this will be only once, a single time. You are in a cellar in this life. The bulbs are few and forty watts at most. You move about in semi-dark; you do your best. From time to time, … Read More

Worthiness and Love

Recognize the sacredness in yourself. You have within you a beautiful soul. The essence of that soul is love. I invite you to have an experience of the unconditional love of souls for one another and all of Creation. It’s a simple exercise: just read the next three paragraphs, then stop — don’t read farther — and take time to … Read More

Born Whole post #12: Chapter 6 – Energetic and Spiritual Healing

Chapter 6: A Method for Energetic and Spiritual Healing This chapter describes the concept of meridian therapies, particularly EFT, for healing emotional and physical issues, including ones form before we were born. It discusses factors that can complicate the process. _____ The healing techniques known as meridian therapies have their origins in traditional Chinese medicine. As most people are now … Read More

Now What

Since I’ve seen that All is One I’ve been trying also to discern how to function in one-way time three dimensions five senses. Dissolution of self into perfect knowing of beauty that dazes any impulse of description; ineffable permeating Love – when these are all present, now what? I s’pose I could take the garbage out or wash the dishes … Read More

Loving Nature, Hating Humans

Not long ago I listened to a young person talk for a time, then commented, “It sounds like you love nature and hate people.” She responded with a simple, firm, “Yes.” This young person is not alone in her feelings. Perhaps you too (almost certainly you too!) have had such feelings. Take your grief to nature. Settle in, get quiet. … Read More

Pass It On

What bit of real-life competency have you passed on lately? Whatever you know, give it back. If you know how to check the air pressure in a tire, show someone how to do that. If you know how to make an antivirus medicine from Oregon Grape root, take someone with you next time you go to collect the root. If … Read More

Nicola Valley Loon

The road curved around the bases of the hills, snuggling into the ravines and bending back towards Nicola Lake as it passed around the ridges. Down the slope, between me and the open water was a swamp, a welcome home to muskrats and mink. As I came around the foot of a long ridge where the shoulder was particularly wide, … Read More

Born Whole post #9: Chapters 2 – Implantation and 3 – Labour

Chapter 2: Implantation in the Uterine Wall This chapter is a discussion of my experience with another significant developmental event: implantation as an embryo in the wall of my mother’s uterus. _____ The first few phases of cell division from fertilized egg to blastocyst, and the event of implantation in the wall of my mother’s uterus, were unremarkable by comparison … Read More