Born Whole post #6: Introduction, segment 4 of 5

Guinea Pig Number 2 I met Dr. Grant McFetridge in the late 1990s. He had invited me three times to a course on a recently developed healing modality called Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT, also known as Tapping. EFT is discussed in detail in chapter 6. I declined his first two invitations, but after the third (three is my command … Read More

The most beautiful day of all time

Today is the most beautiful day of all time. Consider for a moment: Was there beauty created in the world yesterday? Is beauty being created in the world today? The answer to both of these questions is of course a resounding “Yes!” You may be thinking, “But what about all the unbeautiful things that are happening in the world? Do … Read More

I have a son

I have a son. I’ve never played catch with him. I didn’t help him learn to ride a bicycle. I’ve never taken him fishing. I’ve never gotten on his case about getting better grades in school, or showed him how to change a tire, or talked to him about what it means to be a man. When he was just … Read More

Born Whole post #5: Introduction, segment 3 of 5

The Arc of My Journey No doubt you have heard or read stories about people born with the gift of clear and strong spiritual awareness. That was not me. When I was thirteen, I had my first powerful spiritual experience in nature. I was alone in a canoe, fishing on a lake I knew well in the northwest corner of … Read More

Courage, leadership, commitment

Courage, leadership, and commitment. Three ideas that are sometimes difficult for me. Now and then I experience a pure and beautiful form of courage. That’s when I post stories like the one titled, ”I have a son.” Much of the time, though, I don’t feel courageous at all. I allow my fear of rejection, ridicule, or (worst of all) no … Read More

Love is the basic quality of the Universe

In my soul, my heart, and my body, I know that Love is the basic quality of the Universe. As I sit with this knowing, my mind seeks to grasp the truth of it. From a place in my body that I know as my Centre, I sense joy about this understanding among unseen beings whose consciousness reaches to us … Read More

Born Whole post #4: Introduction, segment 2 of 5

A Sweatlodge Vision The experience described below was pivotal in my growth as I gained a deeper appreciation of the skills I was beginning to take for granted. It’s good to be in a sweatlodge again, to let go of the external world and be in the power of the darkness, the heat, the drumming, the songs, and the prayers. … Read More

In Over Our Heads

We’re all in over our heads. Covid is a truly global pandemic, a completely new circumstance for humanity. It’s also an unprecedented opportunity to make decisions about the water we’re in more consciously than ever before. So let’s not think of drowning. Instead, let’s dive deep and really look into the water, to see what only becomes visible when we’re over … Read More

Born Whole post #3: Introduction, segment 1 of 5

Introduction A New Need, a New Opportunity We live in a world that is fascinated with technology. We appreciate the benefits of our accomplishments in electronics, communications, travel, entertainment, medicine, and many other areas. At the same time, and even more importantly for our future, we are advancing in our understanding of our emotional nature, our spiritual aspect, and our … Read More

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BORN WHOLE the book covers a lot of ground. I loved writing that book. It has inspired me to explore and offer new realms of healing and spiritual exploration. This Category will eventually contain all of the book, presented in digestible portions. COMING TOGETHER is about community, being human, and eldering. It begins with the understanding that we need meaningful human … Read More