Spiritual and Energetic Cleansing of Buildings, Vehicles, Locations

The Creator intended for us to have good lives.
You deserve to be whole — and so does everything around you. This is your birthright.

Are you distressed or troubled in a place that should feel good?

If you feel a “Yes” to any of the following descriptions, there are unsettled or confused spirits or energies around:
• There’s a place where you just don’t feel good.
• Other people avoid the place even though they may not express anything.
• The place attracts negative people.
• You are aware of a troubled or traumatic history there.
• You feel that something bad happened there but you don’t have specific knowledge of what it was.
• You sense disturbed energy in or emanating from the place.
• That place or vehicle has been on the market but anyone who visits loses interest.

How It Works

You could call it ghostbusting© — but it’s not like the movie. My work is based in compassion and respect for all beings and all energies. And I’ve never been slimed.

There are two kinds of cleansing:

    1. Restoring health, balance, and peace to a place whose energy has been disrupted, damaged, or darkened because of something that occurred there.
    2. Freeing spirits who are stuck in a physical location for some reason.

I use shamanic tools and techniques such as drumming, smudging, dynamic energy, and communicating with the spirits and energies of the place. When appropriate I use energy medicine, such as Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as Tapping (for more about EFT, see this page).

The work is done onsite, where the disturbance occurs.

The Process

  • We have an exploratory conversation (usually online) about what you’re experiencing and arrange a time for me to visit.
  • I visit the location and carry out the cleansing.
  • Later we review what was done and what changes you’ve noticed.
  • If necessary, we arrange another visit.

The cost of this work is usually $120 per hour. This can vary according to the nature of the disturbance. The cost includes travel time.

A Real-Life Story of Shamanism in Action

A while ago I was invited to a high-end clothing store in downtown Victoria where the staff of the store had been very reluctant to enter a certain area of the building. I soon found, and freed, the spirit of an elderly man whose death had been unexpected and violent (it turned out he’d been killed in an accident upstairs from the store). Then I cleansed the residual energy that was affecting the sales floor. I saw lines of pain-filled energy that led from the racks up and out of the store, over the ocean to where the clothing was being made. I followed the lines to their origin and offered love and blessings to the people making the clothing. Later I was told that the store staff now felt good about working there and were cheerfully using the area of the accident as storage space.

This is a dramatic example of my service of spiritual and energetic cleansing and balancing of rooms, buildings, outdoor spaces, vehicles, and so on. I’ve been doing this for 35 years. My work includes healing and cleansing the negative residues of pain, violence, and turmoil from spaces, vehicles, and buildings, guiding confused spirits to the Light after physical death, freeing entities who are stuck near this plane for various reasons, and making any place feel clean and welcoming .

Does someone, some place, some event come to mind when you read these words? If so, I invite you to contact me to explore how I can help with clearing and balancing the energetic and spiritual disturbance you’ve sensed.

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