Guiding Your Unborn Baby

A new realm of possibility

You can communicate both ways with your baby in the womb.
You can know its needs, and express your caring and love.
You can reassure, guide, and protect your baby.
You can help your baby through the difficult times before birth.
You can let your baby know how much he or she is needed and welcome in this world.

When you engage with this program, you will learn how to recognize what communication with the baby feels like and how to interpret what you experience.
You will grow and expand beyond your current understanding and capabilities in your spiritual life as a consequence of this experience and learning. The application of this process to all of the dimensions of our being makes this work truly transpersonal.

My intention for you and your children
That your lives are guided but by meaning and purpose, not driven by pain.
That you participate in the world with clarity and confidence.
That you find satisfaction and joy in your relationships. 
That you experience success and fulfillment.

Your Own Prenatal Healing

Have you read my book Born Whole?
Do you want to heal your own womb trauma and issues arising from your pre-birth experience?
Go to the EFT page in this website, scroll down to the EFT Sessions section toward the bottom of the page, and book a treatment.

(If you haven’t read Born Whole, click here to see a description and get the book.)

How It Works

The first step is usually a brief consultation. I invite you to contact me to arrange a half-hour no-charge discovery conversation. In preparation for this meeting, I will ask you to provide me with some information about yourself and your situation.
All information you provide, and our conversations, will be held in strict confidence.

During the conversation we will explore working in partnership. You’ll learn how this coaching works and get a sense of my approach and the techniques we will use. We will learn a bit about each other and decide whether we have a good fit.

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The Process

As a first step, I will train and coach you in a dynamic meditative technique that will enable you to contact your unborn baby. This is a two- to three-hour meeting, and does not involve the baby.
After the initial training the program typically involves a meeting of an hour every one or two weeks. Sessions are conducted  by video conference or in person. During these conversations I will guide you in further meditations; we also design practices that you work with between sessions.

What I Ask of You

• Your commitment to do the work.
• Willingness to be coachable.
• Willingness to show up and to be as honest as you can.
• Willingness to be astonished and empowered by new possibilities of communicating with your baby in the womb.


The cost is $120 hour for the first three hours, and $90 per hour for ongoing work. This fee includes our time together as well as my review of our meetings, research, development of strategies, and other background work on your behalf.
Also included are short conversations between coaching sessions. If you have a question or need guidance, we can chat by phone or video for up to 15 minutes.

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