Healing Intergenerational Trauma

The trauma of your ancestors can end with you

What Is Ancestral Trauma?

When the generations before us experience trauma, the effects of their trauma show up in our lives too. It’s called intergenerational trauma, cellular memory, or ancestral effect trauma. All of these are words for emotional burdens that are carried from one generation to another by our genes.

The carried effects of trauma and abuse can be healed. Now. Completely. Permanently.
This can end with you.

You deserve to be whole. This is your birthright.

Are You Affected by the Trauma of Your Ancestors?
If your ancestors, including your own parents, experienced any of the following situations, you may be carrying their trauma:
• A family history of abuse of alcohol or drugs
• War – as a soldier, a captive, or a helpless witness
• Residential School
• Forced displacement
• An intergenerational history of physical or sexual abuse
• Spiritual abuse

How It Works

Healing intergenerational trauma can be done by phone or video. You do the session wherever you wish – in your home, your office, or any other comfortable and safe place. We arrange the session for any time that suits our schedules.

The healing is accomplished through energy medicine, mainly Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as tapping or EFT). For more about EFT, see this page.

The Process

  • We identify the aspects of your life that are the legacy of the trauma of your parents and beyond. We discuss what’s happening for you, then look for its source. You may already know where to go, or we may use a time regression technique to guide us there. You may even experience a past life; if this happens I guide and accompany you to be sure you’re safe.
  • I coach you as you do the tapping for yourself. You can learn the locations of the tapping points with this video.
  • We debrief the session to ensure that you are feeling complete.

The Drum Dance is another powerful tool we use when appropriate.

The cost of this work is $120 per hour.

An Important Resource

The book Born Whole is my story of healing my own pre-birth trauma and issues, and how you can do that too.
(Click here if you haven’t read the book to see a description and get the book in paperback or Kindle.)

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