Healing Your Pre-Birth Issues and Trauma

The Creator intended for us to have good lives.
You can be Born Whole.

What Is Pre-birth Trauma?

All of us experience challenges and even trauma in the time that our mother carries us in her womb. We may carry issues rising from our own conception and our experience of labor, or from the emotional and physical environment of our mother’s womb.
These challenges are necessary preparation for this world, yet if their effects are strong enough they can hold us back in our lives without us having any consciousness of the source of those limitations.
The Creator intended for us to have good lives. Good health is your birthright.

Is pre-birth and early life trauma affecting your life today?

If you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, you may be reacting to issues arising from your time in the womb:
• Have you had a feeling of not being wanted or of being a burden to your family, even though it was never talked about?
• Are you affected by negative beliefs about the world that your mind knows are not true, but that you cannot shake?
• When you think about your time in the womb, do you feel shame, sadness, fear, loneliness, anger, or a sense of heaviness?
• Did your mother experience trauma before or during the time she carried you?
• Do you know that something painful happened to you very early, but have no conscious memory of it?

How It Works

Healing pre-birth trauma and issues is effective by phone or video. You do the session wherever you wish – in your home, your office, or any other comfortable and safe place. We arrange the session for any time that suits our schedules.

There are two phases in this process. In the first phase you revisit your time in the womb to identify and heal trauma arising from important pre-birth events such as conception; in the second phase, often in a separate session, you consider the general environment of the womb and heal negative aspects of that broader experience.

We use energy medicine, mainly Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as tapping or EFT).
For more about EFT, see this page.

The Process

  • I guide you into a deep meditative state or trance.
  • Next I guide you on a temporal journey to the time before you were born.
  • You re-experience the developmental events that may have been traumatic for you, and we heal them as necessary.
  • I coach you as you do the tapping for yourself. Learning the locations of the tapping points is easy with this video.
  • We may continue directly to the second phase if we have sufficient time and energy.
  • In the second phase you assess physical, emotional, and mental circumstances of the womb environment and heal any issues created there.

The cost of this journey is $120 per hour.

It may be necessary to spread the process over more than one session. Sometimes the process moves quickly, and at other times there are more complex issues that need additional time to address. We make that decision during our first meeting.

An Important Resource

My book Born Whole is my story of healing my own pre-birth trauma and issues, and how you can do that too.
(Click here if you haven’t read the book to see a description and get the book in paperback or Kindle.)

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