Healing Today by Rewriting Your Past

The Creator intended for us to have good lives.
You deserve to be whole. This is your birthright.

Is your past holding you down today?

If you say “Yes” to any of the following, you are being held hostage by your past:
• You remember times when someone did something to you that you knew was not right but you couldn’t say No.
• You can recall an authority figure telling you something that you knew was untrue, but it wasn’t safe to speak your own truth.
• You have negative beliefs about yourself that someone else told you, and you can’t shake them.
• Memories of times when you let yourself or someone else down still cause a painful sense of failure.
• When you remember unpleasant or painful incidents from earlier life, you feel sudden shame, abandonment, betrayal, worthlessness, loneliness, helplessness, or other weakening emotion.
• You are unable to let go of limiting ideas about the world that you know came from someone else.

How It Works

This amazing technique calls on your Higher Self to help you heal.

Rewriting the past is effective by phone or video. You can do the session wherever you wish – in your home, your office, or any other comfortable and safe place. We arrange the session for any time that suits our schedules.

You do your healing by recreating a painful incident the way it could and should have happened in a loving and healthy environment. We may also use energy medicine, mainly Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as tapping or EFT). For more about EFT, see this page.

The Process

  • We identify a painful event in your life that has affected you ever since.
  • We go through what was said and done, and re-imagine or re-create it the way it would have happened if everyone involved had acted and spoken from their highest and best self.

What occurs can seem like a miracle. As we recreate and heal the past, the pain and limitations of the original experience shift in your present life as the conversation proceeds.

The cost of this work is $120 per hour.

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