Individualized Spiritual Training and Mentoring

I’m Wes Gietz. My sacred name in the Anicinabe language is Shku-damp’seh — Dancing Fire — “Keeper of the Fire for Dancing”. I am a spiritual teacher, guide, mentor, and coach.

My intention for you:

  • That you find and explore a positive, cohesive, and grounded spiritual path that has meaning and power for you.
  • That your life is guided by meaning and purpose from your soul and your humanness.
  • That your spiritual path empower you to experience satisfaction and joy in your relationships with your own self, with the natural world, and with your human community.
  • That you engage with the world with clarity and confidence, finding success and fulfillment in your work.

  • The Challenge and the Opportunity

    Many of my students have had challenges or struggles that are similar to my own. Perhaps you too can say “Yes!” to these experiences:

  • You have had a spiritual experience of something beautiful and powerful but without a way to maintain contact with it, and no framework that helps you to understand it.
  • You have felt alone, yet you yearn to connect with people who will understand.
  • You feel curiosity and openness. You may have experience with spirituality or energy work such as Reiki, various forms of meditation, healing touch, EFT, or other modalities, and you have a strong sense that there is much more to know.
  • You want a deep connection with the natural world, with the Earth, her breath, her bones, her blood, and all of her children.
  • You want to further develop your spiritual capabilities and strength to contribute to the health of the Earth and her human children.

  • The Learning

    Many teachers have spoken of the need for health and authenticity our relationships with our own self (physical, emotional, and spiritual), with nature around us, and with our human community. The intention of my teaching is to provide a philosophy, models, and techniques to help my students move to a higher level of consciousness and competence in all of these dimensions. This enables us to contribute to all of humanity through being actively engaged, by healing or teaching, or simply through being what we are, knowing that “A rising tide lifts all ships.”


    Explore and develop spiritual power with each of the nonphysical types of energy.
    Explore the realms beyond the physical; communicate with souls and spirits.
    Discover and explore a place of personal power, safety, and rejuvenation.
    Learn healing techniques for yourself, others, and the world.
    Take competent responsibility for your own healing.


    Connect physically and spiritually with the natural world.
    Communicate with plants, animals, and other beings in the realms of spirit.


    Practices for “Coming together to be together”, to be with other people in unhurried, healthy ways.
    Understand and practice ceremonies for yourself and with others.
    Learn and bring into your life models and practices to be together in a healthy, self-regenerating community.


    Training in Advanced Consciousness

    In the past eight or so years, there have been powerful and expansive advances in the study of consciousness. I have been working to integrate the nature-based shamanic path that I have learned with those advances and new understandings, and have been amazed and inspired to observe how beautifully the old ways of indigenous peoples that I have learned have anticipated advances that are now coming through people who are studying shamanism from a Western or scientific point of view.
    I offer an individualized program that brings together nature-based shamanism and mystical consciousness. Shamanism looks “down” to explore earth-based spiritual connection and power, and mysticism expands outward into the universe to seek understanding and larger consciousness. Eventually, at a high level of development, these two paths converge. See the Events and Courses page for descriptions of the initial modules of this program.
    If you have any questions about whether this path is appropriate for you I invite you to get in touch with me. Words from my students and others who are interested in the path and development of consciousness are most welcome.

    Individual Spiritual Training and Mentoring

    • How do I develop my spiritual self?
    • How can I expand my spiritual awareness, power, and wisdom?

    In times past, loving Elders would work to bring all people in the community to a real, powerful, and fully integrated relationship with the powers of the worlds beyond the physical. I have been blessed with a connection and consciousness in these worlds as well as many beautiful and powerful teachers, and I am inspired to share this with people of all backgrounds who hunger for experience and expression of this dimension of our humanness.
    Spiritual coaching is a one-to-one relationship much like what Elders once provided, aided by modern technology and enriched by your own needs, intentions, and aspirations. You are coached on your spiritual path in a program designed to meet your personal aspirations and needs. Together we choose the elements that work best for you from a range of learnings and activities that will enhance your connection with Self, Spirit, Nature, and Community.

    This program is based on the ways in which ancient cultures would mentor learners according to the gifts and guidance of each learner, augmented in modern culture by use of sophisticated technology and understandings of the mind, physics, and the spiritual realms.

    Does this call to you?
    Contact me for a half-hour complimentary chat using the button below.

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     What Students Say

    “This past year, I have been cherishing many of the teachings that you have shared with me over the last decade. I have become reacquainted with my medicine area and have had some very meaningful and healing experiences there. Years ago, some of the experiences in your classes helped quell some long-held fears I had around dying and, recently, I have been able to comfort my children when they have brought up their own worries about death, by telling them about these experiences. This has been profound for me as I remember lying awake nightly as a child and worrying about these things, and now I feel I can support my children to go to bed feeling at peace.
    “I am so grateful that you shared these teachings with me. I’m glad that you are continuing to share.”
    – Emma H.

    “I especially like this statement in the course announcement: ‘Bring the power and beauty of your spiritual path into every day and every action.’ This is so important. I feel deep gratitude as I read your words, gratitude for the ever-expanding awareness that you bring to your journey, and that you offer to others, and for the gifts I’ve received from you that continue to reveal themselves. I hope there are many who choose to join you for this program.”
    – Laura McDonnell

    “Wes Gietz appeared in my life about 15 years ago, when I was needing some serious spiritual guidance. The Windwalker ‘Awareness and Spirit courses were just the ticket I needed to understand some unanswered questions that were popping up in my life. A strong connection between nature and spirit were made for me through the meditations and class exercises offered, and I began a lifelong path of healing and positive reconstruction.
    “I am now a graduated student of the Awareness and Spirit courses. Making my way through them a second time, I am finding even deeper layers of understanding, and I love that I am able to easily integrate what I learn into daily life. These courses have created levels of awareness for me that I could not have reached otherwise, and they have given, and continue to give, my life more meaning and clearer purpose. I am so grateful for these deep and insightful teachings!
    Thank you, Wes.”
    – Maureen

    “I’ve had the opportunity to join Wes in several Awareness & Power courses, and always had incredibly profound experiences. These experiences, combined with his powerful presence and knowledge of ceremony, brought me to his leadership for a four-day Vision Quest. Wes guided us with his deep resonant voice through stories and ceremony, and strongly held the space as surrogate tribal leader when we were sent away and received back. I would recommend any course or ceremony with Wes to those ready for movement in their lives.”
    – Stephen Olson

    “Wes, thanks for your careful listening and finding ways to guide me to my own reflection; I have a better grasp of who I am and how I may navigate my way through wide open seas. I have an appreciation of where I come from and a more clear idea of where I am bringing myself and my business and all that is dear to me. ” – J. S.

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