The Drum Dance

A magical and spiritual journey of opening, discovery, and healing.

What It Is

Guided by the compelling beat of a shamanic drum, you experience a journey of spirit to an elevated state of awareness. The drum and the drummer create a container of safety and at the same time an opening and a pull for your consciousness to be opened and carried beyond the confines of your body and mind.
Your experience will be unique to you. Some participants in the Drum Dance experience deep joy and beauty, some have a transcendental spiritual experience, some find clarification and guidance for their lives.

The Drum Dance can be done as a standalone journey for anyone who wishes to have a personal experience beyond the physical. I often use it in my healing work.
When you are ready to look upward and outward beyond your physical being, the Drum Dance will help you transcend yourself and the limitations of this three-dimensional world.

The Process of the Drum Dance

It is the drum that guides the Dance. As the recipient, you sit comfortably while I connect with the drum. I move around you while drumming, guided through and by the drum.
You simply receive, and allow your experience to unfold.
No preparation or previous experience is needed.
The Dance itself usually lasts about 15 minutes. After the Dance, you tell as much of the story of your experience as you wish. We discover the meanings, healing, and guidance you have you been offered.

History of the Drum Dance

Indigenous peoples have used the power of the drum for many thousands of years to access high levels of consciousness. I developed my own Drum Dance through shamanic teachings and personal experience of the power of the drum. I have been guiding people on this journey for more than 20 years.

Healing Sessions

The Drum Dance is done in person.

I am located in Victoria, BC, Canada. Contact me through my website to ask about the Dance or book a session.

The cost of this guided journey is $60 for a session of 30 minutes, or $120 for an hour. It is also often done in powerful conjunction with a healing session.

Do you have questions?
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What Clients Say

“The [EFT] sessions are also supported by his intuitive drumming, which for me leads to a journey similar to a guided meditation, without the use of words. These journeys are rich in symbolic meaning.”
– Linda Allison

“I felt a sense of spiritual freedom. I was not in my body. my spirit was expanding upward and outward. the container was there but it wasn’t limiting. it helped me to move, to expand upward and outward. there was also a feeling of peacefulness and love. The most profound aspect of the journey was the sense of freedom.”
– Nancy H.