Earthbound Love

If you’ve read more than one or two of my posts, you’ve noticed that I hop from one topic to another, and that the hops are sometimes rather large.

This post is another of the metaphysical/spiritual ones. It attempts to capture one aspect of larger Experience. I’ve made many journeys beyond the physical, into past lives and realms where even the concept of life as a limited existence has little meaning. This is an ode to love here on Earth.

Earthbound Love

I took on this human form
and left so much behind
dimly felt, unremembered –
all of it by choice.

But the veil of forgetting
is torn a little, here and there.
Beyond, I’ve seen a realm of love
ineffable in power, beauty, light –
my Home.

So here I am, by choice,
discovering that
this lumpy task of earthbound love,
shown soul to soul so easily,
though fettered by our humanness,
is made more beautiful by pain
unknown in that other place.

Posted April 12, 2022

One Comment on “Earthbound Love”

  1. Beautiful. It’s challenging to accept pain. And I can understand it’s a gateway to love – deeper love.

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