The Nobility in All of Us

Nobility. Not an idea you encounter much these days. In that respect it’s like concepts such as integrity, or compassion, or generosity.

Not long ago I was in a meditation, a favorite form that I refer to as drifting. Passive rather than dynamic, one of allowing rather than directing my meditative experience. Toward the end of the meditation I was surprised to receive a clear message to claim my nobility.

“Nobility?” What does that mean? There came an image of standing straight with head high, a knowing that I am valuable simply because I exist.I stood above the things that had limited me and inhibited me from seeing beauty in my self and my life. I was free of the negative thought patterns that had seemed inescapable in my life.

In my spiritual journeys I have visited or glimpsed many of my own and others’ past lives. None of mine was particularly noble in the sense of high social status. I have never been born into the rank or title of an aristocracy. I haven’t been Cleopatra, Attila the Hun, a Pharoah, a king, or even a chief of any elevated status. I’ve been a peasant woman, a low-ranking soldier (twice), a solitary medicine woman, a camel driver,… Nobody special. Yet here I am, claiming my nobility.

Nobility means that I have intrinsic value. It includes recognition of that same nobility in other incarnated souls. No one requires the approval of anyone else to know  itself and every other as an individual, precious, and deserving entity.

Another quality of nobility is generosity of spirit, helping me to be unconditionally willing to see value in all other-selves.

Coming out of that meditation, I felt an urgency to record the message and the feelings of it so I wouldn’t forget. Nobility was something I wanted to understand, to remember, to feel at all times. I knew that if I didn’t do something to keep it alive I would lose it in the busyness of life.

Part of keeping it alive is to offer it to others. I invite you to contemplate your own nobility, to acknowledge, claim, and remember it. And if you meet me, please look me in the eye, feel your nobility, and see mine as well.

June 16 2022

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