Walking the Razor’s Edge

When I move from here – “here” may be a teaching situation, a conversation with a neighbour, preparing a meal, or writing this piece – I can go to either of two states of being. Between them is a razor.

On one side of the razor – the side of the linear, the physical existence we all participate in – is mind-ego-body.

This consciousness is very limited: five senses, three dimensions, and linear time. The physical universe. It appears to my spiritual sight as a dark and convoluted passage that is this Earthly journey.

Dark and twisted indeed, but not filled with fear if I choose to see it differently. Definitely, in it there is pain, largely of my own creation or choice. I have learned to face the times I have been selfish or cruel, when I did or said something not based in love, or failed to act from love to serve another. I must also accept the pain that has been created in my life from outside.

But then, simply by turning my attention to the other side of the razor, I see the part of my being that knows immanent perfection and pure love. When I am fully in that consciousness, thinking is difficult and speaking almost impossible. It is where Source/Infinite Creator/The Mystery is blindingly manifest in everything. Everything, including all others and my own mind-ego-body; where nothing is incomplete, everything is perfection, and wantingness does not exist. There is no fear, no need to dominate or control. Everything I see is a part of my own self, and all is well.
Life is walking the razor’s edge between the two sides. On the razor’s edge, spiritual truth finds expression through that part of me that interacts with the physical world.

Like a ship that is always correcting back toward its true course, I am always moving back toward that place of balance and presence. This is ongoing work; I feel an almost constant struggle to manifest the beauty and love I know on one side of the razor in my actions and words on the other.  The word “struggle” is appropriate because the loving aspect of my self must work with the mind-ego-body part that is so often driven by fear. Love and fear are not compatible; the incompatibility creates the struggle.

Realizing and holding higher consciousness is a wondrous thing. It begins with stepping back from myself and my “problems.” In May 2022 I posted about “The Black Dot.” The black dot is an analogy for what looks like an insurmountable problem. Stepping back from the dot makes it possible to see the issue from a different consciousness, a larger perspective. “The Black Dot” also offers readers a process for stepping back from problem-oriented consciousness toward healing.

There are some inspiring examples of people who are born into or attain early the consciousness of Love. For most of us, me included, training and continuous diligent practice are essential.

My journey began 24 years ago with a vision. Learning from that vision, being guided by it, continues to energize my life as I endeavour to act always from love. I read, listen with discernment to podcasts, spend time in stillness in nature, meditate, and converse with my guides through channeling or in trance. I’m always stepping back toward the razor’s edge.

December 22 2022


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