Windwalker Blog Categories

BORN WHOLE the book covers a lot of ground. I loved writing that book. It has inspired me to explore and offer new realms of healing and spiritual exploration. This Category will eventually contain all of the book, presented in digestible portions.

COMING TOGETHER is about community, being human, and eldering. It begins with the understanding that we need meaningful human contact. Here’s what we can do about that to (re)discover the power and joy of being together.

HEALING AND GROWING “The Creator intended for us to have good lives.” These posts are about healing our emotional wounds and the physical pain and disease they cause, moving past perceived limitations, facing and changing negative beliefs about ourselves and the world, and healing the painful aspects of our personal and collective histories.

SPIRITUALITY AND CONSCIOUSNESS is about shamanism, mysticism, meditative journeys, profound experience in nature,nonphysical experience, and messages from a vast and loving Consciousness.

WILDNESS is because it’s never too late to be a free range kid! This Category is about why and how anyone can do that, with stories of the rediscovery of our wildness.

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