LOVE IS A BUFFER without which we, in the presence of our Source would surely cease to be. And yet and yet I yearn for my Source as a raindrop yearns for the sea. April 5, 2021; originally published May 9, 2015


Posts in this Category are about profound experiences in nature, meditative journeys, communications, and insights from a vast and multidimensional Consciousness. They may be shamanic, channelling, mystical, visions, dreams, visitations, … Some of the stories and ideas are mine; some are gifts from other humans; some come from elsewhere altogether. Too many of us have experiences that call out to … Read More

This Is Your Birthright

As a human being you are born with the ability to run. You are also born with the ability to have a spiritual life.  Early in life, you run a lot. Children up to the age of four run almost everywhere. As you grow, you notice that some can run faster. Whether you are one of those or not, you … Read More

Ocean Sunrises

Dawn has arrived, sunrise is coming, the tide is coming in. I’ve come to the ocean to greet the new day. The water is as calm as I’ve ever seen it here. The calm comes gently into my being as well. I offer a greeting to the ocean and the land. For a time I am present to all around … Read More

Four Days Without Water

André looked at me and said, “What are you taking with you?” “Sleeping bag, underpad, tarp and ropes in case it rains, my ceremonial materials, and some water.” “No you’re not.” “Huh? Not what?” “No water.” I gaped at him, stunned. Four days without water?? —————– This was to be my third Vision Quest: four days and nights of solitude … Read More