Time In The Ashes

It’s no surprise now, after more than a year of being in some form of community isolation, that we feel tensions rising from time to time. We have moments of being snippy, short tempered, or otherwise less than our best selves. Heck, this happens even without pandemics. This article is about a way to cope with being cooped. There’s a … Read More


The topics of community, being human, mentoring, and eldering begin with the understanding that we are social beings, and that this aspect of our being yearns for deep human contact. We live in a society where meaningful human contact has been seriously eroded, and that’s killing us. Literally. Loneliness is the number one cause of death among older people. Many … Read More

The Girl at Middle Beach

It had been one of my best gigs. Five times every year for 20 years at a campground on the rugged west coast of Canada, I guided one-day programs with groups of students, leading them to engage with the beauty and richness of the life on the Pacific shore. Now it was time to move on, and I was feeling the sweet sorrow … Read More