Where have all the elders gone…?

Gone to care homes, every one. When will we ever learn when will we e-ver learn? Do you have in your life someone who demonstrates any or all of the qualities named below? When I’ve worked with groups of people who are trying to become more conscious of what eldering is about, or who an elder is, these qualities are … Read More

I’m not ready…

When the people around you are looking to you, what do you do? Several times in my life, I have found myself looking around for someone else who could lead, who would know exactly what needed to be done and effortlessly take charge, someone who instantly inspired confidence in the rest of us. In those times I’ve been willing to … Read More

Square House Blues

I wrote this a number of years ago, expressing a yearning I’d felt for a long time. Twice since then I’ve lived this life for a time, except that I’ve never neighboured anyone who kept bees. I did that myself. I’ve shown the chording I used, as a novice guitar player; feel free to use your own. Square House Blues – … Read More

Peace. The Good Message. Unity — Three principles for good governance and community.

  The Peacemaker Principles are a gift from the Haudenosaunee people, known incorrectly as the Iroquois. When followed with integrity, these Principles provide a model and process for communication that fosters awareness, respect, and unity. The story of the Peacemaker Principles goes back hundreds of years to a time when a man known as the Peacemaker came to the area occupied … Read More

Two small poems

Your Eyes, 1 If I don’t hold your gaze, perhaps it is because you are so beautiful that I would weep for joy just to look into your eyes. That can make small talk awkward. Your Eyes, 2 If I hold your gaze perhaps it is because I want you to see your beauty reflected in my eyes And know … Read More

Telling the truth

The Leopard told me once “It’s hard work, being a Grandfather”. Years have gone by; more and more, I understand. The Leopard gave me courage – the years, clear sight. My duty now is to tell the truth. Some truth lifts, pleases, brings joy. Other truth stings, touches grief. I owe you both. Knowing that some will hurt, I owe … Read More

Greeting an Other-Self

If I were to tell you that there’s a quote at the bottom of this page from the Old Testament, would you immediately stop reading? What if I said it was from the star beings of Betelgeuse, channeled by someone in flowing purple robes and feather earrings? Carved on a wall in a temple beside the Nile? Written in the … Read More

Pass It On

What bit of real-life competency have you passed on lately? Whatever you know, give it back. If you know how to check the air pressure in a tire, show someone how to do that. If you know how to make an antivirus medicine from Oregon Grape root, take someone with you next time you go to collect the root. If … Read More

I have a son

I have a son. I’ve never played catch with him. I didn’t help him learn to ride a bicycle. I’ve never taken him fishing. I’ve never gotten on his case about getting better grades in school, or showed him how to change a tire, or talked to him about what it means to be a man. When he was just … Read More

Courage, leadership, commitment

Courage, leadership, and commitment. Three ideas that are sometimes difficult for me. Now and then I experience a pure and beautiful form of courage. That’s when I post stories like the one titled, ”I have a son.” Much of the time, though, I don’t feel courageous at all. I allow my fear of rejection, ridicule, or (worst of all) no … Read More