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This book is about how we and our children can be born whole.

It is my story, and it is a story that belongs to us all.

This book will stretch your understanding of what is real and what is possible. You may also find that the story feels familiar deep within you, at a level beyond memory or intellect.

As you read, you will learn new information about life before we were born into this beautiful, if not always pretty, world. I invite you to explore the origins of your emotional wounds and limiting beliefs. As you do so, you will learn new opportunities and techniques for retroactively healing the hurts that are inevitable as we grow in the womb. You will learn how parents can proactively protect their babies from these hurts by accompanying them all the way to birth, providing guidance, protection, reassurance, and love on the way.

I hope that you will come to believe in the healing that can happen before birth and understand how to accomplish that healing. I hope, too, that you will come to appreciate the potential of this healing in your own life and the lives of your children.

What This Book Offers

Humanity needs a new story. We need a story of hope, optimism, and confidence. We need to know that we can be better than we have been.

This book provides a model for part of that new story. In a sense, it is a how-to book about how to heal ourselves and protect our children. One part contains ideas and techniques to help us be healthier in our adult lives. The second shows us how we can bring into this world children who are loved, guided, and healthy from the beginning of their existence.

In this book you will learn how to engage with your pre-birth experiences, discover it is possible to recall and face pre-birth traumas, and learn to heal those traumas. You will learn that healing can reveal the magnificence of these experiences that initially appear filled with pain but are actually full of the beauty and possibilities of being human. You will learn how this can be done by almost anyone, with guidance or unaided.

For the parents or soon-to-be parents, you will also learn how you can be with your own yet-to-be-born (or yet-to-be-conceived!) baby through conception and gestation, providing your presence, love, and compassionate reassurance to that baby on the beautiful journey into this world.

You will be invited to find compassion and admiration for all babies and all mothers, regardless of your gender or identification.

I hope that you will feel encouraged and empowered to explore and pursue your own healing in this phase of life that is so beautiful, so powerful, and so vulnerable.

I anticipate that you will find yourself in awe of the strength of the life force that exists within us all.

Structure of the Book

After the preface, part 1 also includes the introduction. The introduction tells how my life prepared me for the work described here and how I became involved in a research project that created and blazed new trails in the field of prenatal experience and healing.

Part 2: Three Universal Developmental Events explores three of the most significant developmental events that occur before we are born. These events are conception, implantation in the wall of the womb, and the first contraction of labor. They occur in similar fashion for every baby, and the emotional impacts are likely to be similar as well.

The first chapter of part 3: The Environment of the Womb is a discussion of two interwoven topics. The first is compelling evidence that every human life is a combination of eternal soul and mortal human being. The second is the uncertain nature of survival during the earliest months of life. This chapter also discusses how these ideas are related.

The second chapter of part 3 is the story of my personal experience in the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual environment of my mother’s womb. Every mother is unique, and every baby’s experience of the womb is consequently also unique.

The last chapter of part 3 is a discussion of meridian healing techniques. It discusses Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), the method I used for healing my own emotional issues during the research.

Part 4: A Bright and Beautiful Future presents the exciting possibility that parents can accompany and guide their own children through life before birth.

Posted April 2, 2021

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