Born Whole post #12: Chapter 6 – Energetic and Spiritual Healing

Chapter 6: A Method for Energetic and Spiritual Healing

This chapter describes the concept of meridian therapies, particularly EFT, for healing emotional and physical issues, including ones form before we were born. It discusses factors that can complicate the process.

The healing techniques known as meridian therapies have their origins in traditional Chinese medicine. As most people are now aware, the life-energy known as chi or qi flows in a network of pathways (meridians) within our bodies. If that flow is disrupted, the result is physical or emotional pain.
Dr. Roger Callahan discovered the connection between meridians and emotional distress in 1980. Since then, many methods using the concept of energy meridians have been developed to heal emotional issues. Acupuncture is the best-known meridian therapy as it has been used for thousands of years to address physical issues arising from a disruption in the flow of this energy. But there are several others, some developed more recently, including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), neigong, BodyTalk, Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), and more.
It is now recognized that unresolved emotional pain causes many long-term physical issues (remember Gabor Maté, mentioned above). Now we also know that we can heal both physical and emotional suffering by dealing with the underlying emotional issues.
The method I have found most effective in my healing practice is EFT. The process of EFT is simple and rapid. It involves tapping on eight specific acupressure points on the body while visualizing or concentrating on an issue, negative memory, limiting belief, or physical pain.
Addressing a specific aspect often requires less than five minutes, and the effect is almost always immediate. Sometimes complete healing is nearly instantaneous, particularly when a single originating incident can be identified. Gary Craig, the originator of EFT, calls these “One-Minute Wonders,” and they are amazing and inspiring for both practitioner and client.
Often there are other factors that require a more sophisticated approach. These factors can appear in the following situations:
· When many similar experiences reinforce the emotional impact of each other. An example of this is when PTSD is the cumulative effect of repeated trauma.
· When a painful experience creates a negative belief and later experiences are interpreted to reinforce that belief. For example, an early experience of separation can give rise to the belief that “People will abandon me.” Later in life, any parting is interpreted as confirmation of that belief.
· When there is an invisible (to the client) payoff that is stronger than the desire to be free from the pain. An example of this payoff would be attention from caregivers or a strangely satisfying sense of victimhood.
Part of the good news of EFT is that you can do it on yourself, for yourself. See this video to learn how. I have done EFT for myself with excellent results for more than twenty years. I sometimes say, only semi-jokingly, that I have tapped myself so much I should have calluses. I still tap today for a variety of reasons ranging from mild motion sickness to the residue of long-term emotional issues. Yes, my healing journey continues.
The process is easy. It can be learned even by young children. It is my wish that all children would learn in school to tap for themselves, and that the adults in their lives would learn that as well. If you are aware of your pain, you can be your own healer.
However, when we wish to heal effects that originated before birth, it can be challenging to find those origins. In this case the guidance and support of an experienced practitioner is beneficial. As a practitioner, I bring my objective point of view, my own spiritual guidance, and two decades of experience. I do not always do the tapping itself, as sometimes a client will do their own tapping, but I help the client “peel the onion”: guiding the client—surprisingly easily—through layers of self-protection and the distractions of life to reveal and address what needs to be healed.

Published August 31 2021

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