In Over Our Heads

We’re all in over our heads.

Covid is a truly global pandemic, a completely new circumstance for humanity. It’s also an unprecedented opportunity to make decisions about the water we’re in more consciously than ever before. So let’s not think of drowning. Instead, let’s dive deep and really look into the water, to see what only becomes visible when we’re over our heads. Among the new ways and ideas we’ve seen in the past 15 months of our lives, what do we want to retain from Before? What do we desire to let go of? What new ideas or practices can we adopt to make this a better world?

For my part, I will continue to help clients recognize, reconsider, rediscover, reinvent, reject, renew, or retain the components and influences in their lives. Doing this for myself as well, I’ve made some easy changes that feel good, that help me break the effects of social distancing and isolation. I make a point of greeting people and engaging more than I used to. I tip more generously that I did. I write more, and more positively. I plan my travel differently and more carefully. I value friendships more. Occasionally when I put the recycle out I tuck ten dollars into the neck of a refundable bottle for the man who scavenges from the totes. I’m more adventurous, exploring new paths of mind and spirit as well as in the physical.

One of the best practices I’ve established to respect myself is a morning routine that keeps me away from my email for an hour while I engage lovingly with each new day. I give my attention to ways to bring my best self to the day by drinking water (such a simple, healthful thing!); performing a gentle exercise routine that lifts my spirits and energizes my body while I contemplate a phrase or idea that I want to understand more deeply; connecting with my loved ones through words or touch; taking a few minutes in a state of appreciation to observe the natural world; speaking my gratitude for the good things in my life; or reading something that teaches or delights me.

I don’t do all of these every day, but I do enough to know that when I turn my attention to my work, I’ll create some beauty in this day, internally for myself and externally for the world.

I’m over my head, but I swim better than ever and I love the way the water feels.

May 4, 2021



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