Worthiness and Love

Recognize the sacredness in yourself.

You have within you a beautiful soul. The essence of that soul is love.

I invite you to have an experience of the unconditional love of souls for one another and all of Creation. It’s a simple exercise: just read the next three paragraphs, then stop — don’t read farther — and take time to give yourself the experience.

Unconditional love has three qualities. First, unconditional love knows no fear. Fear of not being received, fear of not having love returned, or fear that you will not be understood. Second, unconditional love has no needs or expectations. It needs nothing back; it does not even need to be acknowledged. Third, unconditional love knows no limits. It arises within you and pours out of you like a fountain.

Here is the exercise: imagine something that you love, where the simple thought of that child, that person, object, nature scene, pet, music, artwork, or whatever it might be, brings up in you a swelling sensation of pure and fearless love. For a time – from seconds up to several minutes – allow yourself to experience unconditional love for them, using whatever idea or image works for you.


When you do this purely, you are experiencing the love of souls for one another and for all of Creation. That is the essence of sacredness. From that sacredness arises the ability to share your love with others without fear. No expectations, no reticence, only generosity and an unshakable conviction that the world needs and will receive, as it is capable, the love you offer.

Now a personal gift for you; this is the central gift of this message.

Bring up again the image of whatever it is that helps you to feel unconditional love. Hold the image long enough to feel the flow of your love; then replace that image with the image of your own face, your own being, your own self. For a few moments, give yourself unconditional love.

I invite you to make a regular practice of bringing unconditional love in, to yourself and for yourself. Do this daily if you can, at a regular time such as first thing in the morning before you even open your eyes. Do it whenever your thoughts are guided to it. I know that when my thoughts are drawn toward sacredness, I am receiving guidance to go there from a source far wiser than myself. I do my best to follow that guidance, trusting that there is reason for it in that moment.

You are sacred. May you be blessed.

Published September 6, 2021

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