Circle in the Sand

It’s early morning and the sun is about to appear. In the sand by the ocean I draw a circle, as perfect as I can make it. This sand already holds the tracks of waves, deer, crow, gull, otter, rabbit, dog, humans, and now this two-legged one. I mark the directions, the cardinal points of east, south, west, and north. In my mind and heart I also mark the sky, the earth, and the directions of time: the past, the ever-moving present moment, and the future toward which we are always journeying.

I offer my words to the east first. I think of the qualities of new beginnings,  enthusiasm, inspiration, openness, welcoming, and the qualities of the eagle, which are seeing far and holding the larger picture, the broadest perspective. I offer gratitude for these understandings, and ask that these qualities be given to me, so I may manifest them in the world.

I turn sunwise to the south, the direction of summer. South is the direction of work, focus, and attention to detail. The qualities of the in the deer and mouse are most evident in this direction. They include introspection and the ability to look close.
I turn next to the west, where I find the spirit of the black bear. The qualities of the west include telling and hearing of stories, acknowledgment, celebration, and resting. The black bear demonstrates strength and in the mother, devotion to offspring. The west, I know, is also the direction of healing and the journeys of spirit.

I turn my attention now to the north, the direction where I see the white buffalo and find the quality of wisdom. This is the direction of patience and careful consideration. In the north, nothing is hurried.

I complete the circle by returning to the east, finding the completion that exists in all circles.

I turn my thoughts now to time, recognizing that I carry some wonderful lessons from my past, asking that those lessons and the wisdom from them guide my actions as I move toward manifesting the future. I ask also for release, carrying the lessons but not the pain.

I acknowledge the sky above me and the earth below, and I ask that I be helped to walk with beauty above, beauty below, and beauty all around me.
Finally I turn my attention to the plants, trees, the wind, the water, the birds, the animals, and all of the tiny things that move and grow around. I express my gratitude to them and for my life.

After a few moments of stillness, I gently move the sand to clear the circle for someone else to greet this day in their own way.

I turn and face homeward, to the beauty of the day and what I can do in it in service of life.

January 3 2023


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