A young woman saw a smiling photograph
and said, “You look sad.”

How did she know?

I was sad so long,
not knowing what I missed,
until mind and ego fell away
and I remembered:

First in a frightening flash:
a boy alone in a canoe,
the bedrock calling me;

The ridiculous beauty of
a candy bar wrap
on the floor of a late night bus;

After a sweatlodge
called to a vision by a chicory bush,
on my knees, hands wrist deep in earth;

Deep in meditation,
face to face with Christ.

Now I know Divinity in
the garden weeds
springtime sparrows building nests
swollen puddles pocked by rain
the honey on my breakfast toast
the truck that takes my garbage
and in the garbage too.

And astonishingly, beautifully, effortlessly,
In the face of
every one

July 26, 2022

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