This Is Your Birthright

As a human being you are born with the ability to run. You are also born with the ability to have a spiritual life. 

Early in life, you run a lot. Children up to the age of four run almost everywhere.

As you grow, you notice that some can run faster. Whether you are one of those or not, you may come to enjoy running and make it part of your regular practice. You become a jogger or recreational runner (there is a difference! Ask anyone who says “I’m a runner”).

You may want to test your limits, to run faster or farther. You find a coach and work to improve your technique, and your speed or endurance increases.

You may be one of those few who make running your life. You become one of the elite runners, pushing yourself to attain the highest levels of excellence.

Spiritual experience is like running. If you make the substitution in the first sentence above, you get “Human beings are born with the ability to have meaningful spiritual experience.”

You were born with spiritual awareness, just as you were born with the ability to run. This ability is naturally stronger in some, those who easily have clear experiences of the realms beyond the physical such as a hunch, a “feeling” that turns out to be right, a (correct) sensation of being stared at, a thought of a friend followed by the ringing of the phone as that friend calls, or some other experience that can’t be explained through the five physical senses or rational ideas of the universe. Many people have powerful experiences such as knowing when someone is going to die, or being visited spiritually by someone who has died.

To complete the parallel with running, some decide to find a spiritual teacher (like the runner’s coach). For a few, spirituality becomes their life passion or purpose. They earn recognition as wise teachers, powerful healers, or great shamans.

A definition of spiritual power that makes sense for me is “the ability consciously to work with the energies and beings of the realms beyond the physical.” Examples of this include healing of yourself and others, communicating with nonhuman physical entities such as plants and animals, being able to see outside the range of your physical eyes, communicating with other humans at a distance (without the internet), and working with nonphysical entities and energies for learning or healing.

Spiritual power is not weird, woowoo, or bizarre. It’s normal. One of my teachers reminded me of that with the words, “This is your birthright.”

You have the right to seek and have experiences beyond the physical, and to understand them. You have the right to develop your spiritual consciousness by finding a coach, just as a runner would do.

This is your birthright.

Mar 19, 2021

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