Square House Blues

I wrote this a number of years ago, expressing a yearning I’d felt for a long time. Twice since then I’ve lived this life for a time, except that I’ve never neighboured anyone who kept bees. I did that myself. I’ve shown the chording I used, as a novice guitar player; feel free to use your own.

Square House Blues

– A talking blues song –

Verse 1

I left the old place                         E
to head into town.                        E
Goodbye all you hicks;               A
I’m big city bound.                       E

Now I’ve got a career,                  E
been to MBA school.                    E
On my way to the top –                A
I’ll be richer than you.                 E

My TV is huge,                                A
my mortgage is too.                      A
I commute every day –                D
BMW.                                                 D

But the traffic is choked,                E
and it’s always so slow,                E
so I look at the marsh,                  A
watch the mink and the crow.   E

Chorus (descending E blues scale)

I’ve got the
where’s my sit spot
missing that connection

Double glazed
nature separation

Verse 2

I miss my old pond,                      E
the muskrats and mud.               E
fuzzy ducklings with mom,        A
and the maples in bud.                E

Gonna get back outside               E
in the wind and the rain.             E
sleep under some leaves,            A
go barefoot again.                          E

I’ll find me a place                         E
away from the grind;                    A
let silence seep in,                          A
and quiet my mind.                       E

I’ll neighbour some folks            E
who know about bees.                  E
I’ll talk with the birds                    A
and learn from the trees.             E


I’ll lose those
stale air, square house
urban isolation

Goodbye to
modern so-called


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