The most beautiful day of all time

Today is the most beautiful day of all time.

Consider for a moment: Was there beauty created in the world yesterday? Is beauty being created in the world today? The answer to both of these questions is of course a resounding “Yes!”

You may be thinking, “But what about all the unbeautiful things that are happening in the world? Do they not detract from or even negate the beauty that is created?”

These are good questions, and we need to pay attention to the unbeautiful things, but we need even more to pay attention to beauty. It is important, particularly in these times, that we acknowledge and participate in the ongoing creation of beauty.

We humans create beauty through love, gratitude, appreciation, wonder, poetry, dancing, stillness, music… Yet it may be that in order to be able unhesitatingly to give that “Yes!” answer, we need to step outside of our human selves. Did not the sun, the wind, and the water come joyously together to produce sparkling wavelets today, as they have for uncountable years? Are not flowers continuing to open their leaves and blossoms, birds to sing, and the moon and stars to light the sky? Are not the crows and ravens still playing and tumbling above us? The world around creates a depth and breadth of beauty that is awe-inspiring in every moment, if we will only pay attention.

All of life conspires to create beauty. It is our privilege, even our divine responsibility as humans, to perceive and appreciate that beauty. One of the ways that we do this is to acknowledge that this is indeed the most beautiful day of all time.

Acknowledgment brings us to place of gratitude. When we express that gratitude, we create more beauty. So as you proceed through your day and offer your gratitude for the tiny or grand examples of beauty that you see, know that you are contributing to this most beautiful day that ever was.

Published June 5 2021; originally published October 2017

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